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Valentine Calls First Season With Red Sox Miserable - RealGM Wiretap

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said Wednesday night that he was joking when he said he'd like to punch a Boston radio host who asked if Valentine had "checked out" this season.

Valentine Cheap Jerseys , under fire as the Red Sox endure their worst season in years, also said in the interview that his first season in Boston has been "miserable."

Is Kazmir Done With Angels - RealGM Wiretap Scott Kazmir's latest rough outing with the Angels may turn out to be his last. Kazmir's rehab starts with Triple-A Salt Lake have not shown much progress and there's a chance he could be released despite his $14.5-million contract. Angels general manager Tony Reagins will be in Salt Lake City this week. Kazmir has a 15.15 ERA in his four rehab starts. 锘? Ok, so you are now entering the state of Kansas and you are dreading the long, flat boring drive where there is nothing to see or do. Well, wake up and look around! Kansas travel has an extremely interesting history, beautiful prairielands, fantastic museums, cultural events and atrractions and the most wonderful people in the midwest! Going from the large cities like Kansas City to the litty bitty towns of Garnett you will find great people and interesting things to do and see.

Small town Kansas is not a joke. There are a large number of very small towns (under 1000 people) in the state. Just look at Selden with a population of 177 as of July 2007. Now Wholesale Baseball Jerseys , they may be small but these communities have pride! What the smaller towns mean is that there is more open space to be enjoyed. Here people appreciate the land and all that comes with it, from the fabulous farms to the wheat fields and great hunting. There are farms and hunting clubs available in the state for you to try your luck with the pheasants during hunting season. You'll enjoy the experience.

If you like haunted places then you really want to go to Atchison where there is a Haunted Atchison Trolley Tour that will take you through the "Most Haunted Town in Kansas." The trolley runs in September and October. The 1 hour ghost tour takes you to a number of homes in the community such as the McInteer Villa where lights go on and off in areas where there is no electricity, ghostly appearances have shown in the tower of the house and also in family photographs. There are footsteps where no one is and doors slamming in rooms that are empty. This is just one of the many houses that you will visit while riding the 1880 AT&SF trolley.

If you enjoy the unique you will enjoy Henry's Sculpture Hill near Augusta. Here are an array of sculptures created from steel andor found objects which will enchant you and entertain you. Since this is a private hill, the creator has stopped giving tours for now because of "maintenance, insurance, old age, and attitude, [but] serious buyers who are looking for original steel sculptures are welcome by appointment." So Cheap Baseball Jerseys , if you see something you want to buy, make sure you go and talk to him, otherwise, just look and leave him alone for now. How refreshing to have someone of his artistic talent be so brutally honest.

Want to visit the Garden of Eden? Just think of your Kansas vacation as an opportunity to do just that in Lucas at the "log house" built by a retired school teacher following the Civil War. Dinsmoor took "logs" made of limestone, laid them in the same pattern as timber logs would be placed and created his home. None of the windows or doors are the same size, he wanted the house to have character and attract attention. The construction took 31 years before he was completely done with the house and the gardens where he used 113 lbs of concrete and limestone to create his vision. The 11 room house was shown in tours to those that wanted to see it in his time and still today. To visit the house has a fee of $6 for adults and $1 for kids.

Manhattan has more than college football. There is the great Fort Riley where you can really get to study military history. As part of your learning experience you can visit the last cavalry training stables with its original cobblestone flooring which used to house 76 horses. Today it still houses horses for the Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard where 20 head are ready for parade all the time. This facility was built in 1889. This is just one of the many historical sites you can see and learn about while at the Fort. Although today the technology and advancements in military power are constantly being updated, history is still worth learning about.

Flat land right? How about the Gypsum Hills in central Kansas with their canyons, rolling hills Wholesale MLB Jerseys , mesas, and buttes? That sure isn't flat and boring! There are red cedar trees growing on the red land that is full of iron oxide so the land is actually red! Take the 42 mile drive from Coldwater to Medicine Lodge on the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway and you will be surrounded by beauty. Now, when you are off the paved roads and back on the dirt roads keep in mind that it is open range area so watch for livestock. You don't have to get off the paved roads, but it sure is fun if you do.

Hot and Cold water towers dot the skyline of Canton. Here the townspeople used their sense of humor to make them stand out among the usual settings of towers. Just think of how funny they think it is when "city folk" ask if they really do hold hot and cold water!

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Kansas has an extremely interesting history, beautiful prairielands, and fantastic museums. Penelope SanMateo write travel articles for the Kansas travel guide. Check out the cultural events and attractions and the most wonderful people in the Eastern Kansas tourism region!

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David Ortiz Says Hell Return To Red Sox For 2016 - RealGM Wiretap

David Ortiz says.

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