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Posted by xin xiu24 on 25. Nov 2016

Today Cheap NFL Jerseys , Ive got some exciting new for you. Youre about to learn 4 little known herbal remedies for sweating that are sure to alleviate the perspiration where all other deodorants and treatments have failed.

When I first found these 4 herbal remedies for sweating and started implementing them, the effects were nearly instantaneous. Within the first hour (one of them within just minutes) the sweating was stifled and I was dry throughout the day.

Fortunately, for you, if youve been searching endlessly for a way to stop YOUR excessive sweating, youve stumbled upon the Holy Grail. Here, Ill be teaching you about these easy to use herbal treatments. Ill show you where to get them, how to use them and then after that

Well, after that, all you need to do is take action and try them out. Lets get started and
stop your pouring perspiration!

First, let me just give you a quick background about myself

My excessive sweating plagued me through MOST of my life. It wasnt until a little over 5 years ago that I really started getting a handle on it. It took some time though.

During the long 20+ year battle with sweating, I was looking for ANY possible solution out there. I mean Cheap Jerseys , granted, due to my lack of knowledge at the time, I wasnt familiar with half of the alternatives available so most of my efforts were just repeated on treatments that didnt work the first time around anyway.

In later years, Id spend hours surfing the net, looking for that ONE rare alternative that had escaped me. I used to just pray that at any moment Id find it. And thenit happened.

When it came to dealing with my excessive sweating, I always thought traditional medicine was the best way. And by the way, when I say medicine, Im talking about prescription deodorants like Drysol, Certain Dri, prescription drugs like Robinol or the like.

I was always afraid to try prescriptions though because of the awful side effects (cotton mouth, overheating Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , irritation, headaches, etc.). Clinical and prescription deodorants did give me some relief but again, they irritated my skin and I was never fond of the idea that Id need to use them continuously throughout my life.

So one day, I learned about the 4 herbal remedies for sweating that aided in the elimination of my hyperhidrosis and they are listed for you here. You can pick up all of them at most organic markets, drug stores or health food stores.

So, lets start with the first one, witch hazel

1. Witch Hazel The bark and leaves of the witch hazel plant are extracted into a powerful astringent which can be applied in liquid form to the skin. If you look closely at the ingredients of many aftershaves and lotions, you may find witch hazel to be one of the components.

Traditionally, the herb was used to treat insect bites and even bruises but over the years it was discovered to eliminate sweating as well.

Witch Hazel will be especially effective for you if have facial sweating. This was where this herb REALLY came in and saved the day for me. Facial sweating, after all Wholesale NFL Jerseys , is super hard to hide. Its out in the open and you can only dab it with a handkerchief so many times before you start to lose your mind.

You also cant just roll a deodorant onto your face so this is where witch hazel really comes in handy. Using a cotton ball, apply a thin layer of the witch hazel oil to your face and watch its astringent properties go to work. Your skin may initially get a little dry as it dissolves all the oil on your skin but later, as it goes to work, youll find that those beads of perspiration you get on your face wont make their daily visit.

Of course, witch hazel can be applied to more places on your skin than just your face. Personally though, I found this herbal remedy most effective for my facial sweating.

2. Burdock this herb safely manages excessive sweating by eliminating excessive fluids through other means rather than the sweat pores. It redirects sweating fluids through the lymph nodes, kidneys and bowels instead.

Heres a little warning about burdock. Its pretty nasty to have as a tea. Burdock is BITTER. Once sip of burdock tea and youll be puckering your lips in a grimace for sure.

So, what do you do? Well, you can take it as a tincture. Whats a tincture? Its a fancy word for an alcoholic extract. Most health food stores sell burdock in this form so its easy enough to pick up. Burdock works from the inside out. Take this extract for a few days and youll notice the difference for sure.

3. Astragalus This herb, native to northeast China, has mild diuretic properties and plays a role in balancing your sweat response. Heres the only problem with it. Depending on your specific sweat problem Wholesale Jerseys , it can decrease or even possibly increase your sweating. Youll need to test it out to see for yourself. Astragalus has a mild, sweet taste, making it a suitable choice for tea. You can also dissolve it in your favorite drink. Its active compounds are the flavonoids that give its roots and flowers their yellow color. Give this a shot and see what you come up with.

4. Tea Tree Oil this one is exceptionally effective for foot sweating. Plus, its additionally an antifungal so if youve got foot fungus, tea tree oil will knock that out as well.

Just apply a thin layer to your hands and feet to mitigate the sweating. The oil has astringent properties which will dry out the skin. Start with just a little bit to determine how much youll need.

As with any topical, youll want to be on the lookout for irritation and discontinue use if you notice any. Most people find tea tree oil to be the gentlest of the herbal remedies mentioned here.

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