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There is only one drawback to the pleasurable life of the movie actor or

actress. They draw big salaries ; they get their names in the papers and are

deluged with "fan" letters to such an extent that special postal departments are

installed in their offices; the work is interesting and the hours comparatively

short. But Austin

Johnson Jersey , alas, they have to have a lot of clothes.

To be sure, the buying of clothes is a most pleasurable experience to

all women and to many men. And, forsooth, if they draw big salaries Kevin

Dodd Jersey , why cavil about the cost of replenishing a wardrobe

every now and again? The fact is, the wardrobes are not replenished every now

and again; they are constantly in a state of replenishment, and for that reason

the average actor's bank account, no matter how big the salary, is also in

constant need of being similarly replenished.

For every new scene is apt

to require completely new gowns and suits Justin

Hunter Jersey , and, in the case of the actors who play the more

important parts, no two suits or gowns can be worn in any two pictures or the

fans will be sure to discover it' and write uncomplimentary letters to the


In the case of the beginner, however, no such expenses need be

met if he or she has one complete wardrobe to start with. People playing minor

characters must dress for the part at their own expense Anthony

Fasano Jersey , but no one notices or cares whether they wear the

same clothes with which they recently graced the studio next door. If they play

a part requiring a special dress or uniform the management will supply it

without charge.

It is rather difficult for a newcomer to the movies to

know exactly what clothes are required for their wardrobe. Therefore we are

including the following comments on clothes and styles, as applied to motion

picture work: Men should have at least three business suits, one of which should

be light and one dark. For summer scenes, white flannels, with a blue coat and a

soft shirt not a sport shirt are required. White duck shoes complete this

outfit. Tweed suits are the proper thing for wear in the country club scenes and

in most pictures calling for scenes on English estates.

For dress wear

three outfits are necessary. There is the cutaway for afternoon

weddings Wesley

Woodyard Jersey , society teas, and so forth, a Tuxedo for club

scenes and semi-dress occasions, and finally, full dress for balls and dinners

where ladies are in the scene. A dark four-in-hand or bow tie Perrish

Cox Jersey , with a stand-up or wing collar, should be worn with

the cutaway, and regulation dress bow ties, black with the dinner coat and white

with the dress suit. These clothes are an essential part of a motion picture

actor's outfit. The great difficulty with young actors is a tendency to

overdress and to attempt to hide bad tailoring with a flashy design and a freak

cut of the coat.

Since clothes are an actor's stock in trade, he should

patronize only the best DeMarco

Murray Jersey , if the most.expensive tailors, and stick to

conservative lines unless the part requires eccentric dressing. Jewelry should

be avoided, unless called for in the character ; cuff links and a watch chain

are all that should be worn, with the exception of dress studs with the dinner

or dress coat.

Girls will need a simple afternoon suit and an outer coat

to match. They must have two summer frocks, a sailor blouse with a dark

skirt Jack

Conklin Jersey , negligee, and an evening gown and wraps. Hats to

match are necessary, of course, as are dancing slippers and white duck shoes.

The evening gown is perhaps the most important part of the young actress's

wardrobe, since she is more apt to be called in for ball and dinner scenes than

any other. Simplicity should be the keynote of such gowns. Simple French models

are very attractive Eddie

George Jersey , but few women can wear them well, since most

American girls are too broad in the shoulders for the Parisian


Clothes for character parts must be assembled on the moment

according to the demands of the director and the imagination of the actor or

actress. Realism is the great essential of character dressing. To wear the rags

of a vaudeville tramp in the movies would turn the picture into a slapstick

comedy. A real tramp's clothes are a mighty different matter.


greatest difficulty which a casting director experiences is that of finding

people to play the part of society folk. These parts require an understanding of

drawing-room manners and ballroom etiquette, and the ability to wear smart

clothes. If the clothes are
not up to the moment they will be obsolete when

the picture reaches the country at large, and the audiences will think that

because the styles are out of date the picture is out of date also. Also if any

extreme styles are worn they are sure to be out of date when the picture is


In the same way, the slightest error in etiquette is sure to be

noted and commented upon. It is more of a trick than one might think to

know Steve

McNair Jersey , at a moment's notice, how to act as best man at a

fashionable wedding, or how to serve a ten-course dinner according to the latest


The best way is to dress conservatively and to act as any well

bred person might be expected to. A man who fails to take off his hat upon

entering a fashionable house would be laughed at. A man who took it off with a

grand flourish would be hooted out. Recently a director read in a certain short

story that the Newport set had instituted the custom of supplying a single green

glove for each dinner guest to wear while the olives were served. This was

merely a bit of satire on the part of the story writer but the director took it

seriously, and instituted the fad in a dinner scene with dire results when the

picture was shown to the newspaper critics.

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