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Revered with regard to its healing and energizing attributes by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for in excess of two thousand years , deer velvet is now achieving scientific backing that can support this historic healing knowledge.

Investigation has proven that deer velvet induces the human body\s defense system, which helps keeps microbial infection away and the human body healthy and balanced. Investigation at New Zealand\s AgResearch center at Invermay, near Dunedin, demonstrated elevated creation of white blood cells right after the treatment with extracts with New Zealand antler velvet. A rise in white blood cells is a obvious indication connected with boosted immunity.

Boosted defenses , while always valued with regard to protecting against the common cold and bacterial infections is not the only advantage of deer velvet supplementation. Deer Velvet is developing critical medical interest for increasing power as well as healing in athletes. In fact many pro baseball and football professional athletes are not waiting any longer and already have started to see deer velvet as their particular edge to faster recovery from injury, more explosive power and endurance.

New Zealand triathlete, Hamish Carter, who won gold at the 2004 Olympic games was quoted as saying: \I really believe it helps my training , energy and endurance. I feel better and recover faster when taking velvet. Im sure taking velvet has the potential to give me the incremental improvement all athletes strive for.\ Research concluded by the Russians during the 70s appear to verify Carter\s evaluation and more the latest study in New Zealand is also supportive.

The University of Otago Human Performance Centre has finished initial study which implies some sort of likely relationship involving New Zealand deer velvet and increased sports effectiveness. It appears to improve enhanced strength and stamina in response to exercising. Also there is an improved healing reaction from physical exercise associated muscle tissue injury.

In a double blind study at the University, 51 male athletes began a twelve week period of closely watched training through which power as well as stamina were supervised. The group which worked out as well as took a deer velvet dietary supplement exhibited greater improvements in muscle power as well as stamina compared with the control group.

A 2nd investigation that measures creatine kinase enzyme amounts within the blood stream, a good indication for muscle tissue damage found that those sports athletes supplementing with deer velvet for two weeks prior to the testing experienced significantly diminished enzyme concentrations. In other words the muscle damage in the group taking the dietary supplement was reduced. It furthermore became apparent that these types of supplemented athletes dealt with substantially less muscle tenderness and recovered on average a day earlier compared to the non-supplemented group. This is a substantial advantage to sports athletes because this allows to them come back to training more quickly than before. Even though additional analysis is required in order to confirm the understanding of TCM it seems that this natural supplement might be of huge benefit to sportspeople.

New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet is particularly valued for its purity and high quality. It is an organic form of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. It is named after the actual soft , velvet-like covering that deer antlers have before they become bony. It is humanely gathered for its medicinal and performance qualities from early season deer antlers under the direction of vets.

Recognized traditionally for higher vitality levels, supportive to the joint capsules and bones, offering increased muscular strength deer velvet is also recognized for improved immunity and improved sexual performance. It is additionally acknowledged to activate collagen production, a factor that gives skin its suppleness and youth. With such a wide range of possible advantages further investigation is uncovering much more all the time.

Deer antler velvet is a rich source of collagen and IGF-1 and IGF-2. Insulin Growth Factors are compounds that have a related molecular composition to Insulin. It is important in childhood development , nevertheless the human body produces far less of it as we get older. IGF-1 boosts lean body mass, minimizes fat, develops bone and muscle as well as nerves. One of the most fascinating added benefits of IGF-1 is its potential to repair peripheral nerve tissue which has already been damaged by injuries or illness.

Deer velvet is an all natural product and is steroid free. Deer velvet may possibly trigger stomach upset in a few susceptible individuals. However deer velvet extracts in spray form not only prevent stomach problems but tend to be much more powerful. Deer velvet spray is at least 10 times more powerful when applied under the tongue. It enters the bloodstream quickly by this approach and is rapidly becoming the recommended method of consumption by sportspeople.

Author Bio: Bruce Wilson is a qualified pharmacist from Auckland. Bruce invites you to view New Zealand health and beauty products at Strand Arcade Pharmacy.

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