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The brand Tory Burch has evolved from one small label established back in February of 2004 to a world leader in preppy-bohemian, deluxe but very affordable street fashion. The company crafts eyewear, knitwear, children’s swim wear, purses, tunics and footwear. The namesake of the assortment is a successful designer and an entrepreneur who also offers her very own Tory Burch Jewelry series. Burch’s attire is known for its level of comfort and variety. Her clientele ranges from working class women to accomplished fashionistas. Although her products can be purchased in her Tory Burch Outlet, they’ve also been featured by several high end suppliers including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

For a start, as you look at the Tory Burch Outlet Website http://www.bengalsnflgears.com/Black-Cedric-Peerman-Bengals-Jersey.html?cat=930 , all things are rather basic and structured. No annoying and flashy pop-up advertising that are usually a pain in the neck to get rid of. All items that you will find listed here are significantly reduced in price, in most cases nearly 74 Percent! However, you will only find a restricted subset of products from the product catalogue. For example Tory Burch Jewelry, clothes, glasses and gadgets are usually not as part of the outlet line.

The navigation bar on the top provides three shopping areas: ‘New Products’, ‘Tory Burch Hot Sale’ and ‘Specials’. In the ‘New Products’ section, as the name implies, you will find the latest additions to the Tory Burch Outlet. By default the items are sorted by the date they were added( new to old) which gives you a chance to stay on top of the most recently added items.

Each item listed also has a brief overview of the name, an image of the item http://www.bengalsnflgears.com/Black-Cedric-Ogbuehi-Bengals-Jersey.html?cat=928 , Model number, list price and actual purchase price and how much you will save in terms of percentage. Also, a counter at the bottom notifies you how many items of this particular product are left in store. And as you click the product graphic you will be givena brief product information for most products with various photos shot from distinct angles.

The ‘Hot Sale Section’ means that you can search many different best-selling merchandise. What surprised us a little bit was the fact that there seem to be only Tory Burch Shoes included in this section. I think it would be useful to make this more clear to shoppers. Particularly if you’re looking for a handbag or something except for shoes. Apart from that, it’s always totally incredible how many diverse shoe designs are on sale and by how much they are being offered at a discounted price.

Our current favorite segment though would be the ‘Specials’. Here you will save some major cash on the vast selection of high quality shoes or boots and Tory Burch Bags. Just to present you an example, the Reva Grass Green Ballerina Flats are often offered for sale at $299 list price, however to be found in the outlet for $79, that is a tremendous reduction of a stunning 74 %.

The order process is quite simple and secure. You just lay an item into the shopping cart and then you can either keep on your shopping or check out. Just about ordinary functionality, but with one huge plus – there won’t be any annoying ‘special offers’ or required ‘sign up for our newsletter’ prompts. When the purchase is complete, you’ll receive a verification by email. With that said http://www.bengalsnflgears.com/Black-Carlos-Dunlap-Bengals-Jersey.html?cat=917 , if you’re a first time buyer you will need to create a free account which took me virtually under 30 seconds and I was good to go. Payment is done via credit card, Paypal is not a choice.

We couldn’t figure out how the shipping costs are being calculated. But as far as we can tell, if the total of the order is under $100, a $10 shipping charge applies. For orders over $200, shipping is free. Again, at least that’s what we assume based on the orders we have placed.

The delivery took four business days and this isn’t bad. International delivery can be an option, by the way, however it is likely to take a little more time.

We really like the Tory Burch Outlet web site! It truly is very user-friendly and uncomplicated with no annoying kick-knacks or spammy looking advertising. The internet site provides a clear format. You will find what you look for in just a couple of mouse clicks. Naturally with the caveat that only a small number of the product portfolio will be displayed, but if you are looking for Tory Burch Footwear or purses http://www.bengalsnflgears.com/Black-Brandon-Thompson-Bengals-Jersey.html?cat=934 , it is the place to go to save lots of some real cash on high-quality items. The ordering process was as simple as it gets and then the delivery went well. The purchased items (a Tory Burch Reva and Tote Bag ) are first class and just what we are looking for. One of the benefits is, we managed to save a fantastic $350 in comparison to the actual retail price.

For anyone who is like me, you don’t like going store shopping. But here’s the problem: I nevertheless like new clothes. This is why I adore the Tory Burch Outlet. From the convenience of my home, I can just take a look at almost everything I’d like and purchase premium quality fashion items while saving a lot of cash.


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