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Posted by xin xiu24 on 28. Sep 2016

Obedience Training So you Want a Puppy?

If you have ever worked at any

type of animal shelter or rescue organization you know that every

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China , post Christmas, you will be swamped with dozens of unwanted

puppies that have not been put through a full dog obedience training course, and

are therefore going to, maybe, have some antisocial behaviours that will make

the poor creature hard to rehome.

The pup will not have been socialised

or worked through an obedience training course that may have picked up a

tendency for the pup to be a bitter, or a barker, or a digging dog.


come into the shelter looking for a new home because it grew too big, or nobody

wanted to feed it and look after it, or there was not enough time to give the

dog the attention it needed, or it had become a problem biter, or it barked all

day nonstop Wholesale Jerseys , or

it was costing more to feed and keep than could be afforded and so on and so


Many people think that the only thing they need to think about is how

the kids will love having a little fluffy puppy. They do not stop and think

about the fact that taking a puppy into their lives should be a lifelong

commitment and with it comes the responsibility of ensuring its long term health

and well being.

Unfortunately so many people have no idea why they want a

puppy and before too long they have failed to put it through a proper dog

obedience training course and it has become a problem in the house, and an

embarrassment every time it goes with you for a walk.

I strongly believe

there should be an owners licensing system where the prospective ownerpurchaser

needs to adequately show they have fully researched answers to the following


Why exactly do you want to take on the responsibility of dog


Are you going to have enough time to take the dog to a club or

training facility that will provide a full obedience training course for the


Have you, or the person who is going to look after the dog, got

sufficient time to give the dog adequate exercise and training at home as well

as at their local club or training facility?

Do you want a dog to do a

dog sport with? Agility, fly ball, Frisbee, tracking, IPO etc

Are you

willing to match the dog with a particular sport? it would be better to have a

border collie to do agility with instead of a St Bernard.

Do you want a

dog to just love and cuddle?

Have you done some research into a number of

dogs that fit the category you want the dog to fit? If you want a terrier, do

you want a Bull Terrier, a Staffordshire Terrier or a Fox Terrier.


you able to afford the vet bills if something goes wrong?

Are you aware

that some dogs are, on average more expensive to keep than others?

Do you

have or are you going to have children what dog is suitable around young


What training clubs are in your area and do they train using

positive reward systems.

Do you want a thoroughbred pedigreed dog that

you might be able to breed with?

Are you aware of the requirements for

being a breeder?

Are you aware of the issues that arise when you have a

litter of pups?

Where is the nearest leash free exercise


This is not an exhaustive list and I am sure you would be able to

add several more very pertinent questions without thinking too hard.


see if we can provide some insight into the answers to the above questions :

1)This depends on so many factors. A tradie wants a dog in the back of

his utility. A single child wants a companion. An agility competitor wants a new

agility dog to train. You saw a silky terrier in the pet shop window and just

fell in love with it.

Short answer use your head ,

not your heart and carefully examine why you want a dog.

2)Who is going

to train the puppy? Not only at the dog obedience club, but also house train,

yard train, and exercise time. Ideally everyone in the house should be made

aware of what training is being done and what systems are being


3)Dog sports are all great fun and I recommend that you get

involved wherever you are able. Some dog clubs specialise in just doing dog

obedience training, whilst others may provide basic obedience training leading

to doing dog agility or IPO work. Then there are specialised groups that only do

maybe Frisbee or fly ball.

4)If you want to do agility with your dog then

you need to think about getting one of the working breeds. If you want a dog to

pull a sled then you need a sled dog. If you are going duck hunting you need a

retriever and pheasant hunters need pointers.

5)Dogs get sick, get bitten

by ticks and have accidents. Vet bills can be really big. Last year, in one

weekend I had 2 dogs go down with tick bites. The vet bill was a tidy $1,200.

Are you prepared for that?

6)There was some research done in the UK

recently that listed the costs of owning dogs. I could not believe the most

costly dog was listed as a Chihuahua. But food for a giant Mastive breed will be

huge compared to a Maltese poodle.

7)Talking of Maltese poodles, another

research report had this breed as the most vicious of all dogs with the breed

being attributed as having the most amount of recorded bites. Their bite may not

be big, but do you want your precious baby to be another


8)Training your pup is an essential part of dog ownership. You

have to enrol with a reputable club which holds

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