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How to & Tips | Cnc-machiningparts Reports Shoes Brand Foster This year,

Anta, special steps, seven wolves brand shops, street style with a gradual

increase in the proportion of the Board Shoes series; and street sports-related

series of promotional activities, but also won the favor of many sports

companies, 361 organized with street-style entertainment basketball activities;

special step sponsor the National Ultimate Classic, and so on; more starling,

steps tyrants and other brands clearly erected street culture movement flag

entered the street sports equipment in the field.

All this is because this set of entertainment and leisure street movement in one form of exercise http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/bob-cousy-celtics-jersey/ , is Chinas new generation of young groups became popular. Stunt bike, skateboard, street basketball, graffiti, hip-hop movement originated from the street outside the cities in China, it is not uncommon. Street culture across the oceans, affecting the family, young fashion, but also affect Chinas domestic sports shoes brand marketing to this segment antennae.

Street Culture on behalf of the brand new starling

Starling is the early promotion of one of the Board Shoes products. Back in the 90s starlings began to play the type of products closer to the tide http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/bill-russell-celtics-jersey/ , and in 2007 played Board Shoes family slogan, first to step in establishing the Board Shoes in the fashion market position in this segment. At present, the starlings campaign launched denim, into the street element, selection of denim fabrics, fashion and meet the tide by playing the unique design of family psychology. In addition, together with the early promotion of beach sandals, now has formed a starling shoes and accessories complete the product system, fully meet the tide of consumer demand to play a family. Has been concerned about the trend of development of young starlings http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/avery-bradley-celtics-jersey/ , with a unique design concept, into the fashion element, to create the modern young people are fond of Tide play equipment. In the starling family of products in Japan and Korea are fully reflected wave, its leading product — Board Shoes, sandals and jeans and other sports loved by young people.
By sponsoring extreme sports games, hand in hand Super Girl, is a myna growing influence in an important way to brand and joint fashion magazines, online media (Youku, PPS) http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/amir-johnson-celtics-jersey/ , etc. brand. Starlings and Hunan TVs Super Girl shows to become a 2009 Super Girl strategic partner network, through which well-known to promote the spread of popular TV shows, coupled with fast women strong appeal, starlings were the concern of users all over the country, the trend has also been a large number of men and women of all ages. As Happy Girls audience and starling brands target customers are highly fit, therefore the Super Girl This powerful combination greatly improve the brand.

Step is dominated advocacy campaign of street-type cells

Step is dominated launched the street-type cell movement to promote the rejuvenation of Chinese clothing trends for the mission, and set up a street culture research center of China, which is the first case in China. Step is dominated new equipment design center and street trends research center set up in. In product development, step is dominated by bright street culture as the core http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/ , into the streets of the essence of sports and fashion elements of movement, combined with market demand in the streets stylish, fashion-type cell, three cell concept sports meet under different market and consumer demand for the product development.

Step is dominated in brand promotion, pre-first through the street culture of publicity, packaging, forming a platform for public awareness, campaign for street-type cells and lay a solid market base floor. Main promotion means relying on the mainstream media, fashion http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/walter-brown-celtics-jersey/ , media and other communication avenues, the street-type cells the connotation of it clear; combined with marketing experts, entertainers, magazine and national prefix popular associations to set up street culture research center to street culture full financial into which embodies the spirit of the product concept and demands, which is to seize the stage of the concept.

Placeholder for the stage of the second phase of the market is brand landing stage. Until March 2010, is dominated step will show through the practical aspects of the brand connotation: the introduction of the voice and brand image match, seize resources, entertainment events, including parkour http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/tyler-zeller-celtics-jersey/ , skateboarding, bands and other trials. At present, the step is dominated in Chengdu, Wuhan and stylish street experience into the two stores, through domestic advanced display style, reflect more free, more confident attitude of a young life. Through print ads and reality shows, etc. show full show way street style outfit and stylish clothing reflects culture, concept shooting commercials theme will fully focus on street culture.

Step is dominated since the introduction of the concept of street-type cells after 6 to 7 http://www.teamcelticsstore.com/terry-rozier-celtics-jersey/ , 2009 between months, number of stores rose 80% in the third quarter, with market performance is a very big increase. After Wuhan, Chengdu into a model shop, the step is dominated throughout the country will continue to gradually build 20 model shop, and began a nationwide promotion of 100-150 stores (first-tier cities in 23 shopping centers, a second-tier cities class shopping centers) to ensure that sales double over last year.

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