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Most orthopedic problems ,

like pain and stiffness in the joints, muscles and back, are not due to any

specific disease in progress. Such problems are mostly symptoms of wearing,

small injuries and tense muscles. The problems rise because of wrong use of the

body during work and spare time. They also rise because of constant stress and

lack of rest. However, if something is not done to treat such simple problems,

they can over time evolve into a more serious condition or damage.Here are some

simple advices to avoid or cure such orthopedic problems.

- Variate the

way you sit or stand during work and other activities. Any position will exert

pressure at certain areas of your body and restrict the flow of blood and lymph

through these areas. There is no sitting and standing position that are so

physiological correct that it should be held a long time. Frequent variations of

your position will ensure that no body area will get a restricted blood flow

over a long time.

- You should however avoid working positions that exert

excessive burden on specific body areas, for example position where you must

lean forward so that your back is heavily strained. Also avoid positions that

heavily restrict the blood flow in a body area. If you for example sit on a too

high chair, the front rim of the chair will press heavily up into your thighs

and the blood flow to your legs will be heavily restricted.

- Take a

break at regular intervals where you walk a little around. This can often be

done without interrupting your work. Most people have activities during the day

that require sitting ,

walking and standing. Just blend these activities throughout the day.


When you are doing heavy work of any kind, do not have a heavy work load at the

same body parts for a long time. Try to switch between task so that you variate

your work load.

- Do not do heavy work or lifts that you are not

accustomed to by training or practice. If such work is necessary, find someone

to help you to alleviate the burden, try to divide the work in smaller pieces or

find some tools to lessen the burden.

- Have some exercise for your

muscle strength at lest every third day. Weight-lifting is a good method of

training up your muscle strength. You do not need to train with very heavy

heights to make your muscles and joints much more resistant against wearing and

injuries. Moderately heavy weights that everyone can lift is good enough for

this purpose. Sport activities like playing ball, skiing or swimming where you

use your whole body will give the same positive effect and in addition they will

strengthen your condition. Activities like jogging or cycling are good for your

lower body, but they must be combined with activities that also strengthen your

upper body.

- Take a few minutes to stretch out every day. Have also a

good session of stretching exercises at last every third day. It is important to

take time to stretch out every part of your body in every natural direction. If

your back or some limb is excessively curved or bended toward one particular

direction, it is important to stretch out enough time in the opposite direction.

Yoga is a good way of stretching out.

- You must take some time each day

to stress down to lessen unnecessary tension in your muscles. Sitting down some

time and listen to calming music each day can help you to stress down. Some

daily meditation is a good method of reducing the stress level. Taking a siesta

in the middle of each day is still another method of relaxation and stress

reduction. Having a regular good nights sleep of around 7 hours after each day

will also reduce your stress level.

- Massaging stiff and painful areas

can help to give relaxation, increase flexibility ,

increase blood flow and speed up the healing process. You can massage yourself

or let a friend do it. Using a liniment or ointment that smoothes the massage

movements, alleviate pain and stimulate blood circulation will increase the

efficiency of the massage. You should always massage in the direction of the

blood flow. During the massage, use light pressure at the beginning and

gradually increase the force, but do never massage so hard that it feels


- A good diet will give your joints and muscles greater

resistance against damage and stimulate to faster healing of small damages that

occasionally occur. Food containing omega-3 fatty acids are especially valuable,

like fish, seafood, marine oils, flaxseed oil and olive oil. Certain supplements

of natural substances and herbs may give valuable stimulation of the healing

processes in muscles ,

joints and bone structures, for example: marine omega-3 poly-unsaturated oils,

glucosamine, chondroitine ,hyaluronic acid, methylsulfonylmethane, vitamine-E,

vitamine D ,

vitamine B3, vitamine C, coral calcium, magnesium, boron, silica, Boswelia

serrata, ginger ,

cat's claw, turmenic and grape seed extract.

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