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Posted by xin xiu24 on 26. Aug 2016

During my teen years I was apart of a group called the Joy of Satan Authentic Bishop Sankey Jersey , without going into a extreme explanation it was an online Traditional Satanism group complete with an e-groupforums. The group worked around the ideas similar to Zacharia Sitchen who wrote the book “The Twelveth Planet” – which boils down to alien activity of our past and present.

There was several times the group had done rituals to kill or attempt to harm individuals and several times the group was successful. But at what price? I will get to that here in a second. Let me tell you a few examples that I was personally involved with so you can understand exactly how “curses” or dark magic works & even before I tell you that I want to explain how a “curse” really works.

As amazing as it is, examples of cursing are predominant in the teachings of Jesus. In fact great books like “Hung By The Tongue” & “The Tongue A Creative Force” speak exactly how a curse is brought about through scriptural teachings. You do not need to be supremely metaphysical and meditate for hours to bring about a curse to yourself or to another. In fact believe it or not, the majority of us are curses ourselves and others all day long. When we confirm that someone is a “slacker” or “loser” we are projecting energy to that person in a presents of belief and belief is what runs the world. Or now vastly known as “The Secret” or “The Laws of Attraction”.

In this we can also curse ourselves. “Man I’m over weight” or “This always happens to me”. These idea’s will change your physiology to make you feel depressed or upset and the wave form of belief will continue your state of discomfort, but a simple change of idea’s even to something that makes you laugh or feel empowered even if it’s not about the things your concerned about will bring about massive change into one’s life by not coming to idea’s that make you feel ill about yourself.

In my examples there was a few times I did do formal rituals where I did meditate and focus energy into an attack. This attack was presented within the Joy of Satan, at the time there was 1000’s of people participating in this ritual to kill off two individuals that they considered religious pushers. In this we all printed off pictures and set up our rituals and at the same time around the world everyone started at the same time.

Several months later one was killed in a car accident and another to health problems. In another example I let my hate of an individual who harassed my mother and almost hit her with their vehicle got to me and although I had a stand off with this individual I did not fight him at that present spot. If he knew what was about to befall him, he most likely would have not even got out of the car and just drove off.

But as time had it myself and a room mate who lived down the street from where this happened would drive down the block and curse him every time we drove past his house. “Get fat and die” – “Have a heart attack”. We would visualize for a couple seconds while we drove by and would literally be back to our normal selves by the time we got back to the house.

Within as a little as a month he had grown so fat he could barely fit inside his SUV, we started seeing his room matesfamily persuading him to start walking around the area and we saw him several times being forced to move. At this point I stopped the curse and by the time he was moving out he had regained some of his normal weight but was still big. I don’t know what happened to him of course, although I hope he is okay. But when we examine how the laws of attraction really works, he attracted the situation as well as did we. In this we see something that is of a complex idea inside the laws of attraction.

And it is this:

Although we curse that person for being who they are or what they are not, in the same instance that person is projecting the idea of who they are or what they are not and attracting help to position themselves into this idea of who they are.

But there is a factor here and that factor is Authentic Kendall Wright Jersey , if you believe you are doing well and your what you want and you have a strong belief of that or your high on the positive emotional balance scale, those people who “curse” you will have less effect and their magic will not be able to bend your vibrations and in a lot of times will back fire and nothing but a person who complains about others will be cursed.

Alot of the time, when we curse. We curse ourselves to feel that negativity, hate or irritability of the person we despise and if that person is not in the right they will be cursed as well. So with that quick example you can now see how important it is to watch your tongue aka Your Thoughts both times in these examples I attracted more situations that I felt mad or upset about and in the case of the two men dying I fell into a very wrathful mood for about a year or so afterward! So with that, there is a simple way to reverse the butterfly effect of cursing that appears so often in today’s culture and that is this.

You can either ignore the problem if it can be ignored by not focusing emotional energy upon the situation because what you resist persists and that works for all cursing. If you need to do something about someone, don’t see them as this person that they are at the moment, visualize them doing what they need to do or acting that certain way around you. YWhat is, How to.

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