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Posted by xin xiu24 on 9. Aug 2016

a funny old game Damian

Lillard Jersey , that is for sure!

OK, hands up! How many of

you had money on King Kev being the next sacrificial lamb (sorry, manager) in

the Toon hot-seat? No, I did not either. Talk about the crazy world of football.

You could not make it up, could you? It is either a master stroke by Mike

Ashley, the Newcastle owner Portland Trail Blazers

Jerseys , or they will be leading him away in a white jacket in

about a years time. Of course the other option is Ashley has a huge share

holding in Newcastle Brown Ale because you can bet there was a tonne of it drunk

last night in the bars and clubs of Newcastle as the realisation that the

Prodigal Son had returned from the wilderness began to sink in.


was, of course, in the hot-seat before from 1992-97 and during that time

Newcastle were known as The Entertainers. The Toon Army never really knew what

the were going to get except they were rarely bored watching their beloved team.

You got your moneys worth watching Newcastle play, that is for sure. Who can

forget such games as that truly amazing 4-3 result against Liverpool at Anfield

in 1996? Won in the dying moments by Stan Colleymore (remember him?). Even more

amazingly the result was repeated the following season, although by then,

another former Liverpool legend Terry

Porter Blazers Jersey , Kenny Dalglish, was at the Newcastle


In 1996, the year of that Anfield defeat, King Kev nearly pulled

off the unbelievable and won the Championship for Newcastle but with a 14 point

lead at Christmas, Keegan and the team bottled it. Man Utd and Alex Ferguson,

who really got under skin of Keegan Noah

Vonleh Blazers Jersey , clawed their way back to win the title.

That 4-3 defeat at Anfield was surely the most devastating defeat of all. Who

will ever forget that post match interview Keegan gave to Sky Sports? "I would

love it, just love it....." How many times is that going to quoted in the Press

and re-shown on Sky Sports News in the next few days? I would imagine you will

lose count fairly quickly.

The Newcastle team Keegan inherits this time

though is a very different animal to the one back in 1992. I think it is going

to take a while to lick this team into shape. There is a major overhaul to be

done on Tyneside. The wounds are deep. And worryingly for Keegan he does not

have a lot of time left to make any move into the January transfer market.

Everyone, as Keegan was saying and asking, almost begging for, yesterday, is

going to have to be patient. If you are expecting a miraculous and immediate

turnaround in the fortunes of Newcastle Utd just because King Kev is

back Mike

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is to hang on in there!

Despite all that though Mike Ashley knows one

thing for certain, he is not a stupid man. He knows that Keegan will return the

verve and passion that has been missing for many years. Not only on the pitch

but off it. For most of this season, under "Big" Sam Allardyce, all the Toon

Army have been doing (when they have not been hurling abuse at Allardyce) is

chewing gum and looking around at each other in utter disbelief. Ashley too,

when he has donned his black and white shirt and joined the Toon Army in the

stands, has sat there with a stupefied blank look on his face. If Gerald

Henderson Blazers Jersey , for example, you saw the game against

Liverpool at St. James Park earlier in the season that ended in a 0-3 defeat,

and could quite frankly have ended about 0-8, you know what I mean.


not forget Keegan is, first and foremost, a fan who played for the club and then

became the manager. He obviously has a passionate love for the club. Keegan is a

passionate man full-stop Ed Davis

Blazers Jersey , who will try to revive many a Toon dream. The Toon

Army are dreamers. They have been dreaming too long for success. They want those

dreams to become reality and as Mike Ashley knows, just as much as any fan, so

does Keegan.

The passion Keegan has, not just for Newcastle but

generally, is ironically also his Achilles Heal. Keegan is not adverse to

spitting the dummy out at the slightest hint of criticism. I again remind you of

the I would love it rant at Ferguson. What was needed for in that situation was

a calm head, to take a step back to gather thoughts Clyde

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it did make for absorbing viewing. Then there was his dramatic walk-out on

England after the final game at the old Wembley when England were beaten 1 - 0

by Germany and a Didi Hamman free-kick.

Keegan wears his heart on his

sleeve. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I wish there were more passionate

characters around in football. But you can be passionate and clever at the same

time. Hopefully King Kev will have learned from his mistakes.

People will

try to attack and question his passion again. People will also bring up his

tactical acumen. Questions will be asked about his defensive know-how, has he

learned how to defend a lead now? Etc, etc. These are all questions that are

going to be answered over time. But for all his supposed "failings" Keegan will

definitely bring passion, pride and excitement back to Newcastle Utd and to

their wonderful fans.

I do not think there is much doubt that this is

going to be an emotional roller-coaster ride for everyone concerned, but it is

going to be fun Chris

Kaman Blazers Jersey , whether you are a Newcastle fan or not. This

morning football has one of the true characters back and as a result, it is a

far better place.

The whole of football should thank Mike Ashley. For

whether this journey ends in tears (again) or glory, bringing King Kev back to

Newcastle is a masterstroke.

It is going to be noisy at St James


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