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Posted by Joy Mandarin on 8. Aug 2016

nǎ yì háng?

A: nǐ de hàn yǔ shuō de bú cuò a, nǐ zài zhōng guó gōng zuò hái shì shàng xué?
B: wǒ xiàn zài gōng zuò le.
A: nà nǐ shì zuò nǎ yì háng de ne?
B: nǎ yì háng? wǒ zài dú dì wǔ háng!

-Selected from<Spicy Chinese>

A: Your Chinese is really very good, are you a student or work here?
B: I have been working now.
A: What’s your job?
B: Which line? I’m reading the fifth line!

“háng” 行, same character, with one pronunciation "háng", has two meanings.
1. “line” e.g. “dì wǔ háng”-the fifth line
2. “industry/profession”
So if someone ask you "nǐ zuò nǎ yì háng", she/he is asking you "what's your job or what kind of job do you do?"

míng bai le ma?

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