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The stars in Hollywood always seem to set the precedent for what is the hottest

way to lose weight and get into shape. From Step Aerobics to Belly Dancing we

have seen fads come and go over the years. Stars and celebs dont spend a ton of

money on large expensive equipment anymore and they seem to focus on the styles

of exercises that get good solid results. Their bodies are lean and healthy and

we see that on TV or Internet and we always want to know their secrets.

The interesting thing is that they dont have secrets! They use exercises

that trainers have used for years in different combinations and intervals and

they stick to the workouts. Most Americans try something for a week or two and

give up but as a celeb your body is your job so there is no room for error.

Throughout this article Roberto

Aguayo Jersey , Team Fitness America provides the 5 hottest trends

that require little or no money investment and can be done by using a certified

personal trainer as your coach and mentor.

1. Running is back. In the

1970s it was a staple in celeb workouts and was replaced by the famous Step

classes in the 80s. Now it is back and with celebs like Kate Holmes completing

the New York marathon in five and a half hours, more and more people realize the

benefits of running and cardio condition to get into shape. Over the years we

have seen stars like Oprah and Lance Armstrong trend set the art of running long

distances by training for and completing a marathon. Each celeb has prepared for

such an event by hiring a personal trainer that can coach and condition them to

the specifics of running and gear their bodies to burn the right amount of

calories at the right time. Running specific trainers and run coaches are

available to handle nutrition questions, training questions and how to properly

prepare the body for such an event that takes time, skill and cardio


2. Slideboards are the newest rave for butt sculpting and

leg sculpting. Jessica Biel and Valerie Garner are famous for using the slide

board with their trainer. Their toned butts and thighs show that the Slideboard

helps tone but not bulk up their muscles. The idea behind having a nice round

butt hit when Jennifer Lopez came on the scene and we thought it was just good

genetics. With the advent of the Slideboard now women all over can have a great

toned butt that isnt bulky or overly muscular. A lot of women have resisted

doing squats and lunges because their thighs and glutes get too big and they

cant wear jeans. With the advent of the Slideboard, emphasis is purely on glutes

and the nice round shape that women desire can be obtained.

3. H.I.T.

workouts. These workouts purely focus on high intensity training (H.I.T.) and

are done usually on a treadmill or stepper. Alternating 2 minutes of

running Robert

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minutes to give the body a cardio shock or boost and increase the metabolic rate

quickly to burn extra calories throughout a short span. No weights are used so

toning the body does not come into play but the quick burst of high intense

cardio workouts makes the body burn more calories quicker and faster. With

H.I.T. workouts you will need to still do weights and core exercises for toning

and shaping but if time and equipment are a factor these are easy quick bursts

of exercises that the average person can fit in between doing a load of laundry

and picking up the kids from soccer.

4. Circuit training using full body

weight. Stars do not have time to do cardio, weights and play sports like a lot

of Americans so they lump it into one quick workout and make the results more

powerful. Alternating weight bearing exercises like squats and lunges with 2

minutes of cardio, like running or jogging in between sets keeps your heart rate

up and your body constantly burning calories and fat. With circuit training you

get to tone the body and the fat melts off the lean muscles that you are

building quickly and save precious time by building all of the exercises into

one workout rather than having to do 2 or 3 hours of weights and cardio each


5. Mat Pilates. Pilates combines lengthening and strengthens the

muscles using the core body weight and sometimes a stability ball. The exercises

are usually performed lying down and require a good mind body connection. Within

two weeks you will notice marked improvement in balance, coordination and even

start seeing cuts and ridges in the muscles of the stomach. While Pilates may

seem hard at first, many people simply cant grasp the roll up or the main

exercises into the series Noah

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personal trainer you will get the moves down in no time and start seeing great


With so many different styles of exercises advertized and so

many different pieces of equipment to buy on the market fitness can seem

overwhelming and daunting. A great in home personal trainer can measure your

body fat, assist with your diet and nutrition and recommend the best exercise

that will get you the results that you want in no time. As the celebs are, you

must remain committed to the exercises plan and stick through it. For them this

is a way of life and it should be for you too if you want a celeb fit body.

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Debbie McFarlen is a certified personal trainer and press contact for Team Fitness America who offers a wide variety of home based fitness services, such as personal trainers Mike James Jersey , yoga instruction, Pilates programs, bridal fitness, weight loss, and much more. Team Fitness Americas personal trainers are all nationally certified.

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