Facing the giants of perceived limits Geoff Cameron Jersey

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arguably the turning point of the inspirational Facing the Giants movie (see the

video clip at www.youtubewatch?v=-vB59PkB0eQ) Darlington

Nagbe Jersey , the coach asks the captain of his football team,

Brock, to do the death crawl on the field. Brock had resigned himself to losing

the next football match, so the coach wanted to show him that he can actually

triumph in facing the giants if he only kept going and doing his best.

He made Brock crawl blindfolded across the field with a teammate on his

back. There are times when Brock wanted to rest or stop, but the coach kept up a

stream of positive talk and encouragement until Brock reached the


When Brock realized he had actually crossed the entire field, his

self-concept and his belief about his team changed forever. He had faced his

giants and defeated them; hes now ready to win over the next.


Brock, you may have found yourself pitted against giants that stand in the way

between you and your dream. Surprisingly Chris

Wondolowski Jersey , these are giants you have either created

yourself or allowed others to create for you. There are basically three giants

you have to defeat to achieve your dreams.

1) Facing the Giants of

Perceived Limitations.

In doing the death crawl, Brock felt he could

only do 20 yards. The coach blindfolded him so that he would not stop when he

believed he had gone far enough. Finally, when he had the chance to look, he

realized he had actually crawled 100 yards across the entire field! He would

have never done it had he allowed himself to stop based on his perceived limits.

Also, being used to defeat, Brock felt his team would lose the next

match. Even before the opponent team played with his, they had already defeated

Brocks team in his mind. In being programmed for defeat Tim

Howard Jersey , Brock is setting his team up for it. But after

doing the death crawl, he was to change his whole attitude.

Have you set

limits for yourself that you dont even try to reach for your dreams because of

these? At some point in your life, have you told yourself any of the


I cant do it.
Im not really good at .
I am too young old to do this.
Its no use trying. I wont get it

Ill never get that .
It has

always been like this.

Sound familiar? You are not alone in this


But do you know what successful people do? They do not set

limits for themselves. At some point, they may have thought any of the things

mentioned above, but they are quick to replace it with a positive thought. In

setting no limits and expecting only the best, they reach their dreams

sometimes, something even better!

So heres the secret you have no

limits. Whatever you want Matt

Besler Jersey , you can get. Facing the giants of life can be easy

if you have the right mindset and attitude.

2) Facing the Giants of


This is related to your perceived limitations. But this is

more along the lines of thinking its too good to come true or its too ideal to


In the movie, Brock couldnt believe that his team could actually

win. But when he and his teammates got rid of this thinking, they were ready for

great things to happen.

This is the secret if you cant believe the best

will happen, then it probably wont. But if you believe the best will happen, it

probably will. Yes, it is that simple. So, expect and work for the best and

nothing less!

3) Facing the Giants of Fear.

Of all the

giants Omar

Gonzalez Jersey , this is probably the most powerful and most

paralyzing. Fear clouds the mind and twists perception. Fear makes the dark

darker, the cold colder, the big bigger, and the small a giant. In succumbing to

your fear, you actually give power to the person or situation you are afraid of.

To put fear in the right perspective, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor

Hansen gave a very good definition of



Yes, your fear

is no more than fantasized experiences. The reality may be totally different if

only you try. Whats the worst that could actually happen? Probably less serious

than you think.

If for example Fabian

Johnson Jersey , you are afraid to ask your boss for a raise, you

probably think your boss believes you are too full of it and will tell you off.

Worse, you can even get fired. But if you believe your performance merits a

raise, why should you be afraid? You just might get it if you only ask. And even

if you dont, you will know the areas you have to improve on to get it next


Fear is actually normal, but dont let it conquer you. Keep your

mind clear. And though you fear, do it anyway and be amazed with the


Facing the giants of perceived limits Geoff

Cameron Jersey , fear and disbelief may not be easy at first; but

placed in the right perspective, you may be surprised to know they are not

giants after all it is only you who gives them that power. Once you see how

small they really are, you can easily triumph and achieve your goals in life.

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