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FAQs Series: About teaching English in China

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 18. Sep 2013

Q.Where will I teach?
A. Every teacher we hire has a guaranteed English-teaching job in China. We find you a job before we get you on a plane.
We partner with an array of schools and training centers which have a students ranging from kindergarten(2-6 year olds) to adults (over 30 year olds). All our partner schools are located in beautiful cities with developed transport and other infrastructure. We ensure that where you will teach and where you will live has easy access to all utilities or amenities needed for you to live and work without any discomfort.

Q. What about my preferences?
A. Of course we care about your teaching preferences in terms of age and English proficiency level of your potential students and we will therefore try to fit match these with the positions that open up.If we are not able to match them perfectly we will still make you aware of other opportunities you could try out and who knows, with a little experience you may find your preferences may change for the better!

Apply with Nations Abroad now and let us find you a premier teaching position in China and give you a chance to experience an adventure you will not soon forget! visit and view what positions are open for you now!!


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