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About the Weather Series

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 17. Sep 2013

Begins early September to Mid-November.
For many Chinese people and foreigners living in China alike, qiutian(autumn) is the most loved and preferred season...speaking specifically for Beijing it's mostly cool, a few days of rain here and there but mostly blue skies(when it's blue that is during low pollution days)...good weather for outdoor activities e.g going to the park, swimming, boating, hiking, romantic walks in the moonlight(wink wink)....
For clothing I would advise having a light jacket handy as early mornings and evenings may get a little chilly but most afternoons are warm and maybe a little humid at times. You could also invest in an umbrella during this season.
T-shirts and shorts are still functional during this season but for the chilly mornings and nights, trousers and long sleeved t-shirts and shirts could work better.
On average, temperatures range from 19.1C/66.3F to 4.3C/39.7F
Common phrase to describe weather in autumn: Jintian hao shufu (今天好舒服):loosely translated as 'It is very comfortable today.'

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