Shaolin Temple: Where Buddhism meets Kung Fu

Posted by thechinaguide on 17. Sep 2013

The Shaolin Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in all of China and the home of the famous Kung Fu practicing monks. The style of Buddhism developed here centered on martial arts training and meditation. Carried out through the years this temple is still the center of Kung Fu today.

A short train ride from Luoyang city this ancient temple is located at the top of Shaoshi Mountain where tourists receive spectacular views of the mountain range while watching monks and students demonstrating Kung Fu. Tourists can wander the grounds of the temple, watch Kung Fu shows, and participate in Kung Fu lessons.

The China Guide can provide overnight stays at the temple at an international hotel with humble accommodation. Stay overnight to watch hundreds of these monks and students practicing Kung Fu at sunset. Or for a more in depth experience stay for a week-long visit and participate in professionally taught Kung Fu lessons.

To book a day trip or overnight stay at the Shaolin Temple email a full range of customizable tours and other tour options visit


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