Swimming Ring

Posted by Jasmine on 12. Sep 2013

We've decided to go for swimming last night but earlier on that....

Someone: Hey do you need a swimming ring?

Me: What???? Hell, no!

Someone: That's good.

In the pool...

Someone: What the hell are you doing in that corner? Move! Go go go! Swim!

Me: The water is kinda cold and I'm meditating! Go away!

Someone: What? We come over here to swim not to meditate. (Then he splashed me with cold damn water)

So I begun to swim. And he begun to laugh. Yea, I am not a good swimmer and I cant admit's like your asking me HOW OLD I AM!

He drove me back home full of teasing and laughing at my skill in swimming. What the heck! Why guys are just so fond of teasing girls?


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