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Fun, Food, Friends, People, Places Series: Fun

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 27. Aug 2013

Tian-an-men(gate of heaven), city square

Fun: You know what they say about the big-C if they don't have the real one, they probably have a pretty close to real replica..Italian Street, Little Germany, Little Spain, Little (insert your country name here)..I kid you beaches, lakes, rivers, forests. Real stuff too like the great wall of course which is a must see,beautiful mountains, old cities, war museums, cultural museums n all; its a 5000year old civilization so you best believe the history is pretty rich and the culture runs pretty deep!. These places are pretty fun to visit..
I just recently went to the amusement park for my first time ever n my oh my was it amusing...the roller coaster rides had my stomach hoping into my mouth constantly plus a few other crazy rides. Next stop, the water amusement park!

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