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Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 27. Aug 2013

Travelling to a new country can be scary; travelling to a new country with a completely different culture, different rules, different people; that's crazy scary. Plus your friends reactions when you tell them 'So am going to China to study/work/do business' don't exactly have you hoping on the next flight to the far east.
But China proved me wrong and am not ashamed to say it! Now I can't imagine leaving this place after 3 years. Why?

Friends: There is no shortage of friends you can make here basically because there's no shortage of expats here and no shortage of Chinese colleagues, schoolmates ,random subway n bus dudes dying to make friends with foreigners; true story... For some Chinese people you may be the first foreigner they have ever seen or at least interacted with.
You will get more dinner, lunch, come-to-my-home-for-new-year invites than you'd know what to do with. BE CAREFUL! you are still on earth therefore there will still be 'scammers' and con-artists preying on the unknowing laowai(foreigner) so do your own little background check and have your antennae up before you hop on a train with some random dude going to some random place whose name u can't pronounce on your 2nd day in China..
Stay a while, get to know the place, get a map of the subway and get to know your way around, how taxis work, download a Beijing bus-app on your phone, get your colleagues, class mates, church mates to show you around or give you advice, learn a few key Chinese phrases like “I don't speak Chinese, do you speak English?”,”Are you trying to steal from me?”,“Where is the nearest subway station?”
Note: In my experience getting the right directions here may be tricky so don't throw a fit if you find yourself go round in circles a few times or walking for an hour yet the guy told you 'it's pretty close,no worry!', Learn your home/school address in Chinese in case you have to take a cab, some cab drivers have navigation systems installed making it way easy...subway,bus and cab fare are comparatively cheap here which is one thing I will truly miss about this place so you will love it too!
If you can help it, don't be a loner! There is so much 'awesomeness' you can experience here if you are open....!

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