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Fun, Food, Friends, People, Places Series: FOOD!!

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 27. Aug 2013

The land of FOOD, you can't go 10 feet without finding atleast 2 food restaurants here..It's a thing

If you are picky about food as I know most people would be because of the horror stories you hear or read about what the Chinese eat/can eat.

I can tell you now that aside from a few stories, most are myths. Also the array of food to be eaten in China is probably the most varied in the world for instance they have over 1000 types of noodles and even more ways to cook 'em so am thinking there has to be at-least one that you can eat.
Street food is a must try; they have it all from barbecue( vegetable, meats and other kinds of 'barbecu-able' birds and insects, yes I said insects), to tofu(stinky tofu included, yes I said stinky), fried and steamed dumplings, fried noodles, Chinese hamburgers, roasted n fried duck, and all kinds of sandwiches..oh and something called malatang( I have no idea what it's called in English but it's basically meats and vegetables on skewers but instead of barbecue, it's boiled in spiced soup! )
....I don't think I need to tell you to be careful where and from whom you buy food from.

Personally I absolutely love Chinese food I mean yes they fry almost everything and yes there is no part of animal or vegetable that goes to waste so they have invented recipes for everything from hooves to roots but overall if you are one who likes variety, you would love Chinese food too.

The really really picky-about-food types would stick to western-food restaurants and fast food joints like Mc-donalds, KFC,Pizza hut and all but those are a bit pricey in comparison to 'real' (I put it in quotes because even the global fast-food chain restaurants put a Chinese twist on their menu here)Chinese food where you can get a full meal plus drink for under $3!

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