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Working In China and loving it!! (Jarette's success story )

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 26. Aug 2013

Have you ever asked the question, “Is this really where I'm supposed to be?”

Jarette, Vanessa (middle) and Charles (right)- all teachers represented by Nations Abroad

I was asking this question a lot about a year ago. I had spent three years volunteering for an organization I was passionate about but after 3years it was time to move on. The trouble was, I didn't know exactly which direction I was moving. I knew I wanted to teach but there were many obstacles to cross to get there : My current degree did not qualify me, going back to school was an option but I already had undergraduate student loans I was paying off and I wasn't really looking for more. My plan was to find a good job and try to save up for college. I wanted something professional, something 'WOW!' on my resume. I ended up working for a company called Barnes and Noble in the US. Not a bad job but it certainly wasn't helping me save for the future. It was about this time I met a guy who had just got back from China. He was studying there and told me about the great opportunities to teach English there. He connected me to Joseph Castillo, Founder of Nations Abroad Consulting LTD. The first thing that struck me about Joey was his determination to get me to China. He and Nations Abroad worked hard to get me everything I needed to meet my goals.

Jarette(left) and Charles- 2 English teachers currently with Nations Abroad

Now instead of asking “Is this where I'm supposed to be? I was asking “What great adventure awaits me in China?!”
I have been in China over six months now and I must say its been a great adventure indeed!

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