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Worked in Beijing with Nations Abroad & LOVED IT!!! Jeremiah's story

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 23. Aug 2013

Living and working in China was a blast. I made so many cool friends, visited several places in and out of Beijing.
I worked in 2 schools for the one year I was in China. Both were in Beijing and in both I was an English teacher. I taught kids for the most part. The first school was great, they had most of the material, equipment, props and lesson plans I needed for my classes. I had to write a few plans and kinda add my own twist to the lessons but other than that it was all smooth. The management had a few issues but nothing I couldn't handle.
In the second school I had to come up with all the material from flash cards to lesson plans; a fact that the manager conveniently failed to mention during the interview. Some of the teaching assistants spoke a little English and were very helpful but others, not so much. It was all hunky dory until the end when I broke my arm and the school had the audacity to cut my pay in half! They seemed to be implying I was 'half' a teacher because of the injury even though I had since re-tailored every game and lesson to achieve the required result without needing the use of my broken arm which was pretty brilliant if I do say so myself but the school didn't think so. At some point they even went as far as threatening to not pay me at all and were it not for my Agency's(Nations Abroad Consulting LTD) intervention I would have left there without a penny. They sent a Chinese representative from their office who went back and forth to my school for three days to get what I was owed!
Working in China as an expat comes with many hurdles and a few headaches so you have to be smart. Thank God I had someone who knew the ins and outs to guide me through.

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