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You know you've probably been living in the big CN too long when...

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 22. Aug 2013

  • you visit your home country, go to a restaurant and carry your own chopsticks coz you forgot how to use a spoon.
  • you take 2 full minutes saying “ok, bye” when ending a phone conversation…
  • your denim shorts have lace and leather hem and pockets….
  • The I-heart-you teddy bear on your top is beddazled and studded at the same time and you thought it would go well with your orange leather pants with spiked back pockets…
  • You see a rhinestones’ shop and a tear falls down your cheek coz it looks like heaven…
  • Random guy on the street asks you for directions to nearest dog-meat restaurant n u say “Down the street first turn on your left, right by the donkey-sandwich stall,tell them Mike sent you, they give u good price”...
  • Random guy on the subway/bus/train sneezes/coughs/yawns/clears throat in your face and you don't flinch or jump out the window..

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