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Welcome to China!!!

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 20. Aug 2013

It is said that China is constantly changing; lets just say,you cannot get anymore dynamic than a country with over 1.5billion people constantly on the move. This 24-hour economy is like a living, breathing organ that grows, moves and is already causing quite a bit of uneasiness especially amongst the current 'The Powers That Be' as it becomes a force to reckon with on a global scale!
For instance the Mr. Li's small baozi(steamed dumplings) shop that used to be just down the road would soon in a matter of weeks since opening be replaced by a juice stall, then bakery, then tailor's shop, then shoe shop, then fried tofu shop, then restaurant then maybe one of Mr. Li's distant cousin finally having saved up enough and remembering his cousin's words as the latter bragged about his Baozi shop being at a prime location moves into the city n sets up his own baozi shop where the new restaurant just moved from. All this would happen in a matter of months! I have been in Beijing for 2 years now and I can bet u anything that this is true.
And that's just on a small scale and would maybe only cause ripples in my tiny world, but can you imagine it on a large scale and the kind of ripples that would make globally?!
As Nations Abroad we were not about to sit back and get left behind as the world moves to the east..
Moving to a new country where you do not speak the language and have no relations nor existing friends can be scary, but it could also be the greatest move you could ever make in your experience of a lifetime if you would!

....and now you dont even have to be alone or make your own way and take all the risks of being a clueless Laowai(foreigner) like I was when I first came hence my joining Nations Abroad so I can help as many foreigners to skip over all the hurdles....
Check out this blog for more 'How-am-I-ever-going-to-survive-in-China tips'

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