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Photo Diary: Qingdao Architecture Exploration

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 21. May 2013

Qingdao is one of the major cities of Shandong province as well as renewed seaside destination in China. But apart from long beaches and the famous beer brand this city is known for its architecture, which is the result of a history of colonialism and not only. At the turn of last century, like Shanghai, Qingdao was a crucial stage in China relations with the outer world. A mottled modern history which shaped Qingdao’s skyline making it a living exhibition of the world’s architecture. That’s why in our brief trip we decided to explore it mainly from an architectural point of view, discovering more about this sparkling city and its past.

After welcoming us with an amazing sunset and blu sky, the weather turned grey and rainy but it didn’t ruin our days together. After beer what comes to people’s mind while thinking about Qiingdao? Beaches, of course, and that’s right where we started from. But not a simple walk on the sand. We took our contribution for a greener world and environmental friendly consciousness picking up as much rubbish as possible, helping cleaning the beach. And besides being a good act, it was also funny and everybody enjoyed this walk along the seaside.

Badaguan area is one of the top residential areas of China and many historical figures lived here. It used to be a cluster of different cultures and while walking its streets it is still possible to glimpse their contributions and different styles: Russian, English, German, French, Americal, Japanese, Danish, and other 24 “living architectural exhibitions”. Do you know that the majestic“Princess Palace”ordered by the Danish princess and which reqired huge amounts of money actually never saw the arrival of its original owner? Following the beautiful tree-lined roads of this area we undertook an exploration of Qingdao’s architecture(s).  Like the reality show “Amazing Race”, we discovered these architectural treasures which took us to the deepest soul of this fascinating city.

We had also the pleasure to meet a local artist and learn from his precious knowledge and advices

To conclude our day we had dinner in a local theater while traditional shows were performed, and then walked around the city streets. Definetely a good way to say goodbye to Qiingdao.


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  • 李琨kun

    wawa,my hometown,ur photos took so beauty

    23 May 2013
  • 90 Percent Travel

    really? your city is amazing, hope to see it again with the sunshine. and thank you, I am glad you like the pictures :)

    25 May 2013

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