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Yudushan photo diary - Stepping into grassland and mountain landscapes

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 21. May 2013

In the upstream of Longqing Gorge and on the foot of Haituo Mountain lies a scenic area bursting with a variety of different landscapes.Yudushan is a mountain area where just a few people can be found. On the top of one hill, a truly beautiful grassland reveals in front of visitors’ eyes with a boundless carpet of yellow flowers covering the green grass, giving amazing views as well as the perfect spot where relax, enjoy the fresh breeze, and have a pic nic lunch all together.

The essence of this place is embodied by its beauty and peace. Not many visitors can be found here, making Yudushan a quiet place and dreamy break from the hectic city and its tight times.

After some chatting sitting on the grass, our mission of the day started! An exploration in the area surrounding the grassland, through a walk around the lake and across Yudushan’s mountain landscapes.

After our exploration we enjoyed a pic nic lunch in the middle of the grassland and relaxed time laying on the grass.

Surrounded by this beautiful piece of heaven and its colours good mood was in the air and we shared funny moments and games together.




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