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Photo Diary of Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 13. May 2013

A relaxing walk around the lake and natural sceneries, blu sky with white clouds like just painted in it and the Great Wall delicately immersing into the lake. This has been the background of our happy city break last Friday.


This section of the Great Wall literally means “Great Wall of yellow flower and water”, which is exactly the essence of this place. When Summer comes again, the village underneath turns its skin and bursts into colours, particularly with yellow flowers,  which inspired the wall’s name.

The scenic area offers a lot of different activities making everybody happy and satisfied. The more adventurous and sports fellows might hike to the top of the wall or on the different trails in the surroundings. What we did it was a totally relaxing walk in the scenic area, admiring th idyllic beauty of this section of the wall and the unusual views where it dives into the lake. A high blu sky with white clouds like just painted in it made this beautiful area even more unreal.

Funny moments in a grassland surrounded by old trees planted by Great Wall defenders. Which team will make the longest ballon chain?

Some group pictures taking advange of the deep blu sky and green mountains

Speed boat on the lake to step deeper into the scenic area and have some fun flying on the water. After our walk, a good dinner waited for us in a mountain guesthouse. Here, we had the opportunity to glimpse some moment of ordinary life in rural areas, while enjoying our meal.


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