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Posted by avblde77 avblde77 on 28. Mar 2016

With making cakes everyday for my tea shop and for short bridesmaid dresses other peoples weddings and parties it seemed strange to get someone else to do mine, plus I finally got to pick what I'd like!And rightly so, because the photo is one of those instant hits, that I’ll feel comfortable hanging on my wall without feeling too vain!Its such a feel good time and full of fun and frivolity i wanted to capture the feeling of the twenties through the style and the music and i think in the end we made it perfect"Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog Photography Copyright (c) 2010, Yvette Craig Looking for suppliers?and Kirsty Henshaw of Worthenshaws see from approx 43 minutes into the video).Claire Read, Poppy Valentine's designer, has been collecting vintage fabrics from all over the UK for the past 20 years, filling her London flat to the brim.Today, Cat continues to inspire with a Mad Men inspired photoshoot"The thinking behind this shoot was how to create something of the look of the cult series Mad Men for your wedding day.On the Saturday our friends came by coach and we treated them to another fab meal before going back to our friend Nigel's for a party.amp;quot;Anneli is offering all couples who are marrying in 2011 and who have yet to book their Photographer, a very generous 20% off her booking fee simply quote "Love My Dress" on enquiry.

The afternoon tea apparenly went down a storm, with Vicky claiming that thankfully,even big burly Rugby fellas got very excited at the prospect of a large pile of scones, jam and mermaid bridesmaid dresses clotted cream!Look as these awesome shots from the supremely talented Photographer Jennifer Mot, that I stumbled upon recentlyAll Imagery Copyright (C) 2009, Jennifer Mot Looking for suppliers?And I guess this is a little request to Brides, as whilst trawling through these vintage inspired pages of Love My Dress, there wasn't much in the way of Real Brides channelling a Seventies look.During my years as I stylist I used a lot of vintage and created some of my own quirky looks .amp;quot;My inspiration comes from many sources, in particular the art deco and nouveau movements, and even modernist architecture.We spent months collecting vintage crockery to host the tea party.

And that’s all people would recognize me by.amp;quot;Regular readers may recall my recent feature on the London based vintage style wedding dress designers, 'Fur Coat No Knickers'.Then everything is carved from boards by hand and the props on the back individually made.He was a celebrity/VIP in my life because he was a larger than life figure that raised my sister and me and lived with us until I was 18 years old.

amp;quot;We offer three services: bespoke commissions, made to order, and a wholesale range.In The Treehouse is ran by 25 year old Jenny who tells me she has a passion for design, originality and all-things-cherishable and that she was inspired to start a company creating wedding stationery to embody this.Heather's birdcage and hair piece were both Etsy finds; her veil was purchased from Powder Blue Bijoux and the hairpiece from Victoria Velvet"My Pearl necklace was given to me by my father, who went out bridesmaid dresses with sleeves and bought it before my wedding and surprised all of us!Inspired by imagery from the movie Black Swan, which I still haven'And it was with the latter in mind, that I wrote this feature today.The photograph below is a sneaky peek of the wedding coming up soon how fab is this photograph?I love the fairies in jars idea below left this is one of Vicky Rowe'I love the elegance, ladylike, sophistication of the 1950s but also the fun, colourful, who gives a monkeys nature of the 1960s.nobody wants to look like they walked down the aisle carrying a table-centre.Heffernan is the owner of Stronger You Martial Arts.To learn more about the Professional Photographer's workshops facilitated by Lovegrove Consulting, please click here there are more workshops planned for 2011 and places should be booked in advance.Nirvana’s ‘Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be / as a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy .Their invitations are like mini works of art, you could easily frame them and hang them on your wall as a keepsake!Miles was waiting at the top of the aisle, nervously wondering where his bride was.No formal group shots here you know, the kind we usually all flick through to get to the 'real' photographs; Joanna has done a beautiful job of crafting those 'real' images that we pause to enjoy and find ourselves smiling and giggling back at.


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