Women have uterine fibroids have symptoms of hemorrhage is how to return a responsibility

Posted by 王天 on 6. May 2013

Women have uterine fibroids have symptoms of hemorrhage is going on? Women suffer from uterine fibroids early symptoms not obvious, wait until to late, there will be a lot of complications, such as bleeding, some women have the phenomenon of bleeding, to go to the hospital inspection, the result is uterine fibroids, many people don't know why will have the phenomenon of bleeding, let gynecology hospital experts to detailed introduce women have uterine fibroids have symptoms is going on?


Uterine fibroids, also known as uterine fibroids, female genital mutilation is one of the most common benign tumor. Uterine myoma is one of the most common female genital tumors. The etiology is not clear, if not timely treatment can cause of female infertility, miscarriage, harm, such as frequency, urination dysfunction is a major killer of women's health.

Patients with uterine fibroids were bleeding phenomenon and what are the reasons tube?


A, because gave birth to the wall of the uterus myoma, uterine volume increases, the area of the endometrium and therefore increased. Volume how many women with endometrial area become direct ratio, the size of the endometrium area is larger, the more blood loss.

2, hysteromyoma patients common ovarian increase, enhanced secretion of estrogen, make excessive hyperplasia of endometrium, expanded the menstrual period endometrial stripped area, menstrual blood volume will increase.

3, if there are multiple fibroids in the myometrium, can influence oppression vein blood reflux, cause uterine hyperemia; Myoma and uterine contractions can affect and hinder the bleeding, menstrual period when the bleeding increased consequently.

By experts for women have uterine fibroids above symptoms of hemorrhage with the interpretation of what is going on, everyone should have a certain understanding, hope to be of help, gynecology hospital experts remind: the patient don't in order to save a little immediate interests, choose what kind of cheap and unsafe for treatment, this will give the patient's own cause great harm, regret, so the patient should choose formal, rest assured friends hospital for treatment. If you still have what want to consulting, can click on the online experts.


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