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Looking for traditional Chinese herbal medicine and rural life experience

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 15. Apr 2013

This is the right opportunity for those who would like to escape from the busy Beijing and truly experience a Chinese mountain community and its inhabitants and traditions, far from the nowadays too many places just made up for tourists and empty in any true and deep experience.

3 hours drive from Beijing city center, lie some mountain villages surrounded by beautiful sceneries and still untouched by contemporary world hectic lifestyle and mass tourism traps.



Here, we spent a day with a local farmer and his wife, listening to his stories and lifelong knowledge about this corner of the world. Walking on the mountain trail, we enjoyed the beautiful sceneries along the way. Although still a little cold for the Summer and Autumn color explosions, the landscape was still very beautiful and took a breath of fresh air into our Beinjingers’lungs. At the top of the trail, a boundless view over the mountains took shape in front of our eyes, where the blue colors of the mountain ridge created an unusual (and maybe right because of this) beautiful contrast while looking towards the horizon.

During Spring and Summer time, the local farmer will share with us his lifelong knowledge about the mountain and take us along a journey to know more about chinese medicine and a herbal collection will be part of the activity.


Once finished the hike, we had the pleasure to spend some hour in the farmer’s home, challenging our skills trying to open freshly collected nuts! Do you think it’s an easy enterprise? Just try and find out how it is not! But it was quite funny.


After spending some time in the house courtyard finally enjoying the first Spring sunshine, we had a delicious traditional lunch cooked by our farmer friend’s wife. Looking into the kitchen while she was cooking it seemed like glimpsing into a battlefield, in which she jumped from one tool to the other one, but the result was just delicious.


After saying goodbye to our new friends and take the last breath of fresh air, we are ready (maybe) to go back to Beijing.



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