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Pagoda Forest and Lake view Great Wall Photo Diary - 13-14 April 2013

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 15. Apr 2013

On Friday, we left for a 2 days trip which took us to discover two among the most beautiful corners in Beijing surroundings: the Silver Mountain’s Pagoda Forest and an amazing section of the great wall.

3-2-1..... Let's go!


Our first destination: the Pagoda Forest in Silver Mountain.

Imagine a Chinese old painting with the mountain skin covered with a silver mantel during Winter time. That’s where The Silver Mountain took its name. Surrounded by this beautiful sceneries and paradise for fengshui tradition, lies the Silver Mountain Pagoda Forest, a cultural heritage site as well as a sacred place of Buddhism.

The Silver Mountain was originally named as "Iron Silver Mountain", as steep black coloured cliffs aroused as tall walls and merged with the white snow in Winter time, giving birth to a breathtaking silver landscape, from which this sacred mountain takes its name. The Silver Mountain Pagoda Forest rises right in these beautiful scenery. Besides being a truly beautiful spot, it was once one of the most famous Buddhist shrines in north China and still it is possible to feel the importance Buddhism played in this area.



The weather was very benevolent with us and a sunny day enabled us to enjoy a sparkling picture of the Pagoda Forest and the surrounding mountain going back to life again, with peach blossoms dressing its skin. 


Surrounded by this beautiful scenery (and a movie set!) our activities started, we had a lot of fun through some games and challenge team work spirit and skills to accomplish today’s task!



Once accomplished our task we moved to the countryside’s guesthouse where a traditional dinner was waiting for us. Followed a nice evening enjoying karaoke and a bonfire under the starry sky and the Great Wall shape firmly standing above our heads.



8am, the sun was already high on its way into the sky, and another adventure was waiting for us. After a traditional breakfast at our beloved guesthouse, we are ready to the next challenge as well as amazing walk: let’s hike one truly beautiful and well preserved section of the wild Great Wall. The hike was not too demanding, but neither a totally relaxing one. But once reached the highest point (where we had a picnic), the lake and mountain view revealing in front of our eyes quickly made us forget about the effort to get here.


Funny moments together


Time to go back to Beijing and its endless traffic jams.

Hope to be back to nature soon




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