how do you know when you meet the right one?

Posted by Jordan on 6. Apr 2013

how do you know when you meet the right one?
do you really just know it the moment you meet him/her?
how do you know if you really like him/her or it's merely physical attraction?
sometimes I find it really hard to tell the difference.


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    A good way to start is by not having profile pics of yourself, in a hotel room, wearing a qipao...

    07 April 2013
  • Smilence

    1\when you realise that he is not the left one 2\it takes time 3\ assume when he is broke and broken, will you still stay with him 4\its not so hard,when you listen to your heart

    07 April 2013
  • Jordan

    well..if you think the qipao pic is not a good idea, then many other guys would think the same i guess. and i did had a guy who was up to no good and also mentioned that pic, but I didn't realize it would be a problem, guess I'd better change it. thanks for the advice! wish it could be good start!

    08 April 2013
  • DawkingJoe

    well ,in my point of view... when i meet the right girl,i feel my heart is no longer beat as usual even i cannot get in touch with her for couple of days, i still cannot wipe her out of my mind in contrast, physical attraction can last for a few minutes i think next time i meet a more curve girl,i will surely forget the former one,and go on go on that is my opinion~

    08 April 2013
  • Sab

    when I meet a/the RIGHT one, I LEFT behind everything

    08 April 2013

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