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Posted by Michael on 26. Mar 2013

London bad boy SLUGABED [Ninja Tunes / Activia Benz] returns to rock China !!!

Friday, March 29 @ Dada Beijing
Saturday, March 30 @ Shelter Shanghai

+ DJs Downstate, Yauman, Shackup, Floood, Verktyget, Cavia, Drunk Monk

The Antidote brings back one of our favorites -- Slugabed !!!

While so much of the world's post-dubstep / bass music productions today are making overly *serious* music, Slugabed's productions are sonically exploratory but with a sense of humor, whimsy, and straight up FUNK.

Blending influences both classic and contemporary, from the outermost reaches of dubstep, hip hop and beyond, Slugabed has received unanimous praise for his debut album 'Time Time, released on the Ninja Tune label in May 2012.

Under his Slugabed alias, 23 year-old Greg Feldwick creates music which is at once complex, deep, thoughtful and above all distinctive. It channels the energy of the best of today's bass music, through spacey bleeps and meditative melodies to explore the outermost reaches of electronic music making today.

Originally hailing from Bath, UK, Feldwick relocated to Brighton in 2008, where he played an instrumental role in the success of local club night Donky Pitch for which he still holds a residency. The first rumblings of appreciation from his peers came at this time, from Slugabed’s initial pool of 12-inches. Releases for the Ramp Recordings and Stuff Records labels were the first introduction for many to his work, with both demonstrating his ability to combine intelligent and original production skills with serious dancefloor appeal.

Strong club and radio support followed from a wide range of respected DJs including Mary Anne Hobbs, Mark Pritchard, Benji B, Laurent Garnier and Surgeon as well as Tom Ravenscroft and Huw Stevens on BBC Radio 1.

With an already impressive catalogue of official remixes for the likes of Starkey, Eprom and Kelpe under his belt, he also created his own unofficial version of Pharoah Monch’s classic ‘Simon Says’ which devastated dancefloors worldwide. However, it was arguably his ‘Ultra Heat Treated’ EP, released in 2009 on the Planet Mu label, that propelled Slugabed into the spotlight, winning him new support and glowing reviews across the board, as well as interest from some of the best cutting-edge record labels around.

Partly as a result of this interest he was offered a chance to remix Roots Manuva’s all-time great “Witness (1Hope)” for Ninja Tune’s twentieth anniversary boxset. The result was one of the stand-outs of that mammoth collection, and made him one of only a handful of producers to successfully remix that classic cut. In fact, Roots Manuva himself liked it so much that he personally requested the instrumental so that he could use it in his live set. Almost inevitably, the album deal with Ninja Tune followed shortly after.

Since then, things have really taken off for Feldwick. He has played at the legendary Berghain club in Berlin as part of Scuba’s SUB:STANCE night, toured the USA, Australia and Asia, and remixed both Eskmo and Stateless for his new home label, as well as supplying another remix for the mighty Roots Manuva's 'Get The Get' single.

Funny, clever, referential, sometimes moving and never anything but completely himself, Slugabed is a substantial new presence in UK bass music.

With an ongoing touring schedule throughout Europe and the world, 2 new singles planned, and work on his second LP underway, things look set to stay busy for Slugabed into 2013 and beyond.

英国顶尖先锋电子音乐厂牌Ninja-Tunes新签约的艺人Slugabed,原名Greg Feldwick,来自于英国Bath,目前居住于Brighton,年仅21岁的他被大家称为“节奏制造机”,他在当地的夜店活动“Donky Pitch”上以高超的现场乐器表演出名,即使他现在已经名噪国际,他仍然保留在这个活动驻场表演者的身份。他为诸多大牌如Starkey, Eprom和Kelpe制作了正式版本的混音曲目,他个人混音版本的美国嘻哈艺人Pharoah Monch的经典曲目“Simon Says”在全球的舞池中热播。2009年他发行的“Ultra Heat ” EP单曲专辑引起了各大厂牌的瞩目,Ninja Tunes邀请他为厂牌二十周年纪念合集制作混音,稍后他获得了Ninja Tunes的唱片合约。至此以后Slugabed的音乐事业发展越来越好,他在德国柏林的传奇夜场Berghain表演,在英国开设了Donky Pitch厂牌,在加拿大,澳大利亚,新西兰巡回演出等等。这次应上海“Antidote解毒剂”的邀请,进行亚洲多个国家的巡演。

Slugabed的音乐同时受到古典和现代音乐的影响,包括目前最流行的Dubstep电子音乐风格和Hip Hop嘻哈音乐。嘻哈方面Slugabed唤起人们对于“前Dilla时期”美国西岸嘻哈音乐的回忆,同时他又继承了英国Dubstep/Bass电子音乐的味道。以英国著名摇滚音乐文化杂志《The Quietus》的话来说“Slugabed用自己典型英国风格的质疑态度将美国当代流行文化和英国Bass音乐最好的部分融合在一起。”

经过一年的辛苦协调工作,2013年3月30日周六在位于永福路5号的The Shelter庇护所酒吧, “Antidote解毒剂”将把这个电子音乐圈崛起的新星带到上海来


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