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Diary of Griddha Kuta Temple Discovery - Sunday, March 24th 2013

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 26. Mar 2013

On Sunday, March 24th we left the city for a hike which would be much of an archeology discovery
and which would take us, stop by stop, to discover different temples and pagodas along the way and hidden in the beautiful mountain sceneries.

After one hour ride from Pinguoyuan subway station we reached a small community at the feet of the mountain, and from here we started our hike. Although this first section was not properly the one dreamt of on postcards or National Geographic’s pictures, it offered a good opportunity to observe and realize human impact on environment, with the works in progress characterizing contemporary China. But don’t worry, we will have plenty of time and opportunities to enjoy truly beautiful sceneries once stepped deeply into the mountain and started our archeological discovery.

As the pictures can show, this area is particular striking for its bushy landscape.. which gives birth to impressive sceneries, as just painted by an ancient chinese artist. 


Gao Qiao Temple

Although now almost destroyed, it is still possible to look for this Ming Dynasty temple’s remains and to reconstruct its main parts (the entrance gate, the main hall, etc), as well as the remainings of the bridge from which the temple took its name (Gao Qiao meaning “high bridge” in chinese). It was nice discovering different parts of the temple walking around the area and, step by step and through our guide’s explainations, retrace this temple’s past and original structure.

Fubo Pagoda

Other pagodas and enuch’s tombs found along our discovery path... two of our fellows had the couage to climb down into the tomb.... do you want to experience the same?

Hall of Yuan Tong

Seeing this temple spring out from the mountain, surrounded by warm colored grass and bushes in contrast with the deep blue sky was quite a beautiful and particular view... Here, we enjoyed a moment of peace reading the scripts on ancient tablets and admiring the dragon statues on the temple’s top, one of its feature.

Ling Jiu Temple

It is a temple which was burnt down by the Japanese during WWII and an exemple of Yuan Dynasty’s architecture. Still, it is possible to evoke the Buddhism influence which wrapped the area, thanks to our guide explainations we were able to learn more aboout it and its original structure. It was an exploration which brought us to discover clues about the temple’s past, rebuilding its history from the parts we discovered inside and outside the temple itself...


.... But we had also the opportunity to observe a worker making copies of the characters on the ancient tablets.. and to make some new friends...


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