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Diary of Jiankou wild Great Wall

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 21. Mar 2013

Today’s diary will take us to the most impressive and wild section of the Great Wall… forget about classical touristic path full of people fooling around and piling one onto the other one to take pictures on the most famous spots. Today there’s a big challenge waiting for us, but if it is true that the greatest joys come from the greatest challenges, then the experience awaiting us would really be worth the effort….. and it was definitely the case.

On Sunday, March 2nd we left Dongzhmen station, our destination Jiankou wild Great Wall. Two hours ride from the city center took us to the heart of the mountain and on the feet of the Great Wall.

After some stretching before the hiking here we are ready for our adventure. One last look at the small road which brough us there and.. Let’s go!

We started to climb the Grat Wall… which was easier said than done! Sometimes we had not only to pay attention to where we put our feet, but also use both hands and legs to climb the wall, as well as be careful because of the ice still covering some sections of the way….. but by proceeding carefully and maintaining security measures all fellows ended the hiking safe and sound, and the views and sceneries we enjoyed along the way took everybody’s breath away.. Have you ever felt so free in such a small world? That’s exactly how it felt like while looking into the dramatic landscape surrounding this impressive section of the Great Wall. Not by chance in English “Jiankou” is translated as “Arrow Nock” for the shape of the mountain is like an arrow, with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock.

Don’t you believe that? Just have a look at the following pictures then…

The hiking (and climbing) starts….. it was pretty challenging but really worth the effort and team work spirit helped quite a lot..

….. As the hiking goes on the beautiful sceneries revealing in front of our eyes multiplied… 

But not only a tough hiking and amazing sceneries, there was much space for funny moments and joy coming from living together this beautiful experience. 


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