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Diary of Baiquan Mountain - Compose a song for the Nature

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 18. Mar 2013

........ Before reading, take some time for yourself, close your eyes and enjoy the song we composed during our day together in Baiquan Mountain.....


Traveler fellows, Spring is finally back! Which is quite an event worth celebrating, isn’t it? And what’s better than a walk across some beautiful mountain sceneries? That’s just what we did yesterday, spending a day together in Baiquan Mountain, Huairou District. Although just 2 hours ride from Beijing here we are surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery, warm coloured rocks of multitude shapes, and valley rivulets guiding us along the path.. a perfect city break and welcome back-Spring celebration!

Here is a diary of our day together and the mission we successfully accomplished, which was to compose a real song for the Nature. We enjoyed this day very much, having fun together and making our fantasy get wild recording all kinds of sounds we encountered along the way, and the result was pleasantly far beyond any good expectation!

Enjoy this diary and hope to have you soon with us to live together a 100% awesome experience.


Funny moments on the way to Baiquan Mountain

Once reached Baiquan Mountain it was easy to forget about the chaotic city and constant pressures. After two hours ride that’s the scenery which was awaiting us.

Backpack ok, eyes ready to get lost in these natural sceneries, ears ready to catch nature’s sounds and also unexpected ones, mind ready to enjoy time together and have fun.. 3 2 1… Ready to go!

But.. it was also time to get started with our mission! We listened to Nature’s voice (and not only!) and record all kinds of sounds.. We just let our fantasy get wild and had a lot lot lot loooot of fun looking and recording sounds.

Along the way there’s always space for some group games to take a rest and have fun together……

………….. and for a nap after picnic lunch

Time went by, and our songs were gradually taking shape as we stepped into Nature’s home and sounds. But, who could guess what was awaiting us as our hiking destination? A beautiful iced waterfall! Don’t you believe it? Just have a look at the following pictures then.. 

The Sun already started its way down the mountain, but we still had a last wonderful spot waiting for us. From here we enjoyed an amazing view over the mountain and its strange-shaped stones, it seemed to be part of a chinese shan shui painting. Sunset light made this moment of authentic peace even more unreal and breathtaking.

It’s already time to go back, but before leaving we still had a task to accomplish, OUR task of the day... let’s take out our recorders then and put each sound together into a real song which will not only be a symphony belonging to Nature, but also a diary of this beautiful day spent in Baiquan Mountain. The result was great and we alll enjoyed listening to our day’s effort. 

With heart and eyes full of new colors, sounds and emotions, we are ready to leave, it’s really time to go back to the city. Maybe to say goodbye to us or to make this day even more special, here is the amazing view Nature gave us and which followed us along our way back to Beijing.



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