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Youth Pi - Young Travelers Project by 90 Percent Travel

Posted by 90 Percent Travel on 12. Mar 2013



Creative and real travel experience focused on culture, art, social contact and ecological issues are our main points of interest.
And who better then young people could understand and represent them in a good way?
That's why 90 Percent decided to open a new path and lunch a new project completely dedicated to young folks and youth travel, characterized by unique tours (also off the track roads, surely not usual touristic ones!) and extremely low prices.

We would like to help nowadays youngs to find what they are looking for through travel experience. As we are firmly convinced about the power of travel not only as a way to explore the external world but also a way to explore one’s internal world, a way of selfdevelopment as well as a constituting part of our identity: "You are where you have been".
Let's find out something more about us by discovering new places, meeting new people (both locals and adeventure fellows), and by sharing together a deep experience which will become part on the self we will be.
This is one of the best ways for one person to truly expand horizons and knowledge as well as to find true happiness.

To know more about our tours for young travelers don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to share such a unique experience together, providing our professional services as well as a glowing passion for what we do.
As it is carved in our logo: "Inspired and Inspire".

Email:  info@90percenttravel.com     Tel  +8610 5962 6850



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