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Posted by Beijing Playhouse on 1. Feb 2011



Broadway English Theatre Camp



Beijing Playhouse Academy of Performing Arts announces open enrollment for the following Broadway English theatre camp.



PLAY/PRODUCTION:  Participants, age 6-14, will perform Treasure Island with poetry, song, and dance.  Aspiring actors, singers, dancers, acrobats and musicians are all welcome.

戏剧制作: 参与者, 年龄6-14,将表演包含舞蹈\唱歌的戏剧<金银岛>, 欢迎感兴趣的您参加.


BROADWAY ENGLISH:  Broadway English is a variation of Beijing Playhouse’s long running successful kids theatre camps.  This camp is designed for non-native English speakers.  Beijing Playhouse’s bilingual crew will use theatre to teach English—in addition to the usual acting, singing and dancing.  This production of Treasure Island marks the launch of BP’s Broadway English program.

百老汇英语: 百老汇英语冬令营是中英百老汇长期依赖冬令营和夏令营的一部分,本次冬令营将针对非英语母语的学生进行, 中英百老汇冬令营双语成员将使用戏剧来教学英语,包括表演\舞蹈\唱歌. 本次冬令营制作演出的戏剧为<金银岛>. 


THEATRE/SCHOOL:  Beijing Playhouse. 

剧场: 中英百老汇 


DATES:  Your child can have fun doing a play during the CNY holiday—and learn English at the same time.  Camp lasts two weeks, Monday—Saturday, February 7-19, 2011, 9 am—4 pm, ending with a family performance of Treasure Island.

日期: 您的孩子在这里度过一个愉快的中国春节的同时能够提高自己的英语口语水平.  冬令营持续2, 周一至周六, 27-219, 上午9下午4. 我们将以孩子们表演的<金银岛>结束此次的冬令营.


AUDITION/ENROLLMENT DATE: Everyone will be cast.  Student registration and open auditions were last month.  23 students enrolled and there are still spots for seven more students.  Late auditions are on Sunday, February 6 at 2 pm.
试镜\招募:   所有学生都将拥有自己的角色, 公开招募日已于上月结束,23个学生顺利通过试镜,目前仍有7个名额,欢迎您的到来.

目前冬令营招到20个学生, 目前还有10个名额, 我们将优先接收邮件报名和银行汇款的学生.


LOCATION:  China’s prestigious No 4 Middle School in the Ping An Li neighborhood.

地点: 中国优秀的北京四中(初中部)


ROLE(S):  All roles open.  Boys and girls, age 6-14.  (Theatre internships are also available for older students.) 

 角色: 角色开放给所有学生, 男生\女生,年龄 6-14(剧场实习生的职位同时开放给年长的学生)


TUITION:  5,500 RMB(+ 500 RMB late enrollment fee.)

 学费: 5500元人民币(迟到招募费500)



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