笑一笑心情好 大笑瑜伽帮你减压

Posted by Wendy Zhou on 3. Aug 2010

Giggles and guffaws filled the halls of an elderly home in Manila as its residents gathered for an unusual therapy session.

The seniors were practicing laughter yoga, a form of exercise that aims to help them awaken their senses and punctuate their long bouts of solitude.

Guidance counsellor Paolo Trinidad says laughing away problems will promote a healthier mindset, and he has embarked on a mission to spread the laughter and the good vibes.

Laughter yoga involves self-triggered laughter that is not necessarily initiated by humour. The exercise routines combine yoga breathing techniques and laughter simulation with stretching, chanting and role playing.

"That's the gist of laughter yoga. We will be laughing without any reason, no jokes. We will be laughing because we want to be healthy. We have to have a good mind, good mindset," laughter yoga professor Paolo Trinidad said.

Mr Trinidad conducts laughter yoga sessions in other institutions, including an abused children's shelter, a cancer ward, schools and corporate offices.









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