Michel Sutyadi

Michel Sutyadi

NLGX Design P-E-K and S-H-A T's!

Posted by Michel Sutyadi on 2. Jul 2010

NLGX Airport Code Cityscapes Designs include a three-letter airport code which serve as the backdrop, with shadow images of key structures and monuments unique to each city in the forefront. This new design series is an expansion from our popular Summer 2009 ‘PEK’ design, a symbol to the internationalization of our capital city of Beijing. Shanghai, home to the 2010 World Expo, takes its turn in the international spotlight only two years after Beijing playing host to the 2008 Olympics. NLGX机场编码都市风景这款设计包含了一组大写的三个英文字母作为背景,里面穿插着虚幻的每个城市独一无二的标志性建筑。这款设计是在我们2009年夏 天 PEK设计的基础上,又扩展的一个新的设计,象征着我们的首都北京成为国际化都市。上海,2010年世博会的主办城市,是继北京主办2008年奥运会的2 年后成为世界聚焦的国际化都市。NLGX 地区编号系列。


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