Michel Sutyadi

Michel Sutyadi

NLGX Design China Chick 中国美女

Posted by Michel Sutyadi on 2. Jul 2010

Our popular China Chick is back in a more sporty look! Designed for women who love living in China, and are proud to show it, our “China Chick” t-shirt will make sure that you will be heard! “Chick”, which in American slang refers to a “pretty girl”, can be translated to “Mei Nv” (美女) in Chinese. Are you a China Chick? 我们经典流行的中国美女系列以一个崭新的形象全面登场,为了那些生活在中国的美女们,骄傲的穿出来,我们这款设计使你更加美丽智慧。Chick这个美国俚语的意思是美丽的女孩子,可以说成美女,您是中国美女吗?


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