Michel Sutyadi

Michel Sutyadi

NLGX Fahrvergnügen Tee!

Posted by Michel Sutyadi on 18. Jun 2010

ChangJiang 750 sidecar motocycles, otherwise known as “kuazi” (跨子), have been popular with bike enthusiasts in Beijing the last two decades. A German-heritage design that has been integrated into Beijing’s subculture of “cool”, this graphic commemorates the CJ750 sidecar and the thrill of the open road. Fahrvergnügen!

长江750侧三轮摩托车(俗称”跨子”)在20世纪末是一些北京摩托车的狂热者所梦寐以求的。一个早期德国的设计已经演变成为北京一个很酷的文化代表。我们用这款设计来纪念 CJ750的侧三轮摩托车,还有在开放路段上飙驰的惊险刺激。Fahrvergnügen!

Available now at our NLGX Flagship Store at #33 Nanluoguxiang!



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