中国推出汉语口语水平测试 促进汉语国际传播

Posted by Clarissa on 5. May 2010

1297482010-05-04 10:21:02.0 中国推出汉语口语水平测试 促进汉语国际传播 汉语口语水平测试,汉语国际传播中国推出汉语口语水平测试22661焦点图片/enpproperty-->

A contestant prepares to answer cultural knowledge questions

Step One: Words in the News
Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

hàn yǔ

汉语 Chinese language

kǒu yǔ

口语 spoken language

shuǐ píng

水平 level

cè shì

测试 test

cè shì zhě

测试者 examinee

jì suàn jī

计算机 computer

Step Two: Read and Prepare
Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

China is to launch a proficiency test of spoken Chinese language, known as the Hanyu Kouyu Shuiping Ceshi (HKC) or the Oral Chinese Proficiency Test, to non-native Chinese population in the first batch of nine pilot provinces or cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing municipalities, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangsu and Hubei provinces, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Participants in the test will be required to complete seven sections in 30 minutes on computers, including reading, asking questions, repeating and talking, while the oral proficiency of the examinees will be divided into nine degrees in three levels according to their scores.

The test will be held in June and December.




Step Three: Listen and Read
Listen to the audio and read the text at the same time.


中国将在首批九省市区开展面向母语非汉语人士的汉语口语水平测试。这九省市 区分别是北京、上海、天津和重庆四个直辖市,山东、福建、江苏和湖北四省以及广西壮族自治区。

测试者需要在30分钟内在计算机上完成七个部分的测试内 容,包括看图说话、听话回答、听话复述等,最后将根据测试者的具体分数划分为三等九级。


1297482010-05-04 10:21:02.0 中国推出汉语口语水平测试 促进汉语国际传播 汉语口语水平测试,汉语国际传播中国推出汉语口语水平测试22661焦点图片/enpproperty-->

Foreign children are learning Chinese language
Step Four: Study and Repeat
Read the text again to see how the vocabulary words are used. And then repeat these words below.

汉语 hàn yǔ    口语 kǒu yǔ    计算机 jì suàn jī

水平 shuǐ píng   测试cè shì     测试者cè shì zhě

Step Five:Grammar Point
Read the introduction and prepare to watch the video. 

The adverb 最 can be put before adjectives or some modal verbs to express the superiative.

Go to see Grammar Video

Step Six: Quiz
Take quiz according to this lesson.

A.测试cè shì; B. 汉语hàn yǔ; C. 口语kǒu yǔ; D. 计算机jì suàn jī

   zhè cì  shù xué          tí  hěn nán

1.这   次   数学    ( ) 题   很    难。

   dāng qián           hé   wǎngluò de   yīng yòng   shí fēn   pǔ biàn

2.      当前,  ( )和       网络      的          应用        十分      普遍。

            shì    shì jiè  shàng   zuì    gǔ lǎo   de   yǔ yán    zhī yī

3.( )是      世界        上        最      古老     的    语言       之一。


1. A; 2. D; 3.B


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