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Posted by Mandarin-Connections on 4. Mai 2010

  When your children at first come to China, being sent to the international school, but feeling a discrepancy of course syllabus between where they come from and present school. How should you do if you want to help them  catch up with their classmates?

When the final examination such as IGCSE, IB is coming, what should your children do if they still not prepare well in some subjects?
  As the first professional international course tutorial organization of Beijing, MC sets up a special program for the primary and middle school foreign and Chinese students in Beijing.
  MC bases on a group of veteran teachers from international school, having plentiful experience in IB math, science, business and management, history and physics, A-Level math, physics, business and economy, etc. as well as IGCSE and SAT core subject. They assess student's academic level, make specific tutorial schedule, and conduct revision, new knowledge explanation, exercise, and test. Though the study in general class, intensive class and simulated test class, students rapidly improve their performance in exam, and satisfies the students and their parents.

Besides, MC pays attention to the communication and feedback among students, parents and teachers, and the build the course management and guarantee system.


So far,MC has 24 international course tutorial faculties, among which there are 13 Chinese teachers and 11 international course teachers. All the teachers are of master or higner degree of domestic and oversea top universities.All of them have more than two years teaching experience.


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