Things that may make you snap on someone.

Posted by Jimi on 15. Apr 2010

That's it! I have had all I can stand!!


Sometimes, we just wake up on the wrong side of the universe. Or slept poorly, or have to do something that day we don't wish to do. For whatever reason, myself personally, there are days that I just wake up with a big fucking chip on my shoulder and find it nearly impossible to shake it off.

It is on those days I feel nearly homicidal or at least would like to crush some unlucky bastard like a worm!! Call me crazy or whatever you want. I don't care. I know myself well. And some may wonder why I stay home often.

Here I can honestly say the types of situations that which make my skin crawl and brings my blood to a near boil!!


1. Traffic - Although there is NOTHING that can be done to change it, there are days where I would like to bring my old, bored ass home to my guitar and my girl and some fucking asshole in wudaokou finds it funny to just walk against the light, thus creating another bottleneck inside the 2 bottlenecks that already are going on.

Literally, 2 or 3 times in the past few years I have rolled the taxi window down and have told those fuckheads that they are causing more traffic problems and risking their lives and not only that, maybe cost us paying customers in the taxi a bit more money.

How hard is it to see a green light or red light? Are you  fucking color blind you spastic worm?

DId your mama teach you that it is just unwise to cross the street against the light?

Do you notice that there are people in cars(CARS) trying to get by? Vehicles that outweigh  you 20 to 1. 


Dickless wonders passing by the street.  If it were not a crime, i think that it would be a benefit to off some of these assholes from the planet. Thus saving people a few precious moments.


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