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Streetkids support DJ Redial @ the boat

Posted by Mu Dirty Dishes on 15. Apr 2010

 Friday 23rd April


Admission: 70RMB / 50RMB before 11pm or with a valid student card

// Pre-sale Ticket 50RMB @ The Boat

门票:70元 / 11点前 或 持学生证 50元
预售:50元 (请至The Boat购买预售票)

Redial, DJ @llen & Kimurahh

Electro界的超级A咖 DJ Redial

如果你在某个舞池跳著跳著,感觉像是听到《滚石》杂志誉为“年度五大最具影响力电子艺人”的The Toxic Avenger,或错觉彷彿置身被法国新电音教父Mr.Oizo钦点的Kavinsky的场子,不用太意外,没人会怀疑你听觉神经产生的幻象,因为,你正大驾光临来自澳洲,Electro超级A咖 DJ Redial的派对!

Redial四月中旬才刚结束全欧洲的巡回演出,四月底风尘仆仆地直飞北京而来,他将从中国展开亚洲巡回的第一站!在澳洲,Redial仅以两张EP, 便迅速以单曲45 Overdrive累积人气,这首将悠扬琴声与电吉他摇滚完美结合、high翻全场的爆红舞曲,拥有足以让商业大厂关注的高度娱乐性,和不落俗套的音乐品味!很快地,他就拥有了数以千计,只要是他的party必定前来疯狂朝圣的舞迷,他成为受人尊崇的producer,并改写澳洲当地的night club scene!今年开始,Redial的视野被提升到国际的高度,被签进了知名电音厂牌Trashbags的子厂牌TUFFEM UP! Records,和同样身为电音新贵的智利Barretso以及法国的Kolt13成为同门。紧接要发行的第三张EP,同时还有明年度即将发行的个人专辑,Redial制作许多原创歌曲,同时他也remix更多优秀音乐人如北欧火红Miike Snow的Animal,The Proxy 的Who are you,同乡澳洲电音天团Cut copy的Hearts of Fire,英国BBC电台2009年烫手新星榜单第四名的澳洲天团Empire of the Sun的Walking on a Dream等。不管是Redial的个人创作或remix,从他那多变,时而复古,时而欢乐畅快,时而迷幻摇滚的操盘手中,预视著2010年,才刚是Redial要攀向高峰的开始,The Boat值此之际,将这位将在国际上发光发热的大牌新秀引进国内,在世界听见他的锋芒热力之前,先透过中国舞迷的这一关!


Formally signed to Ajax’s Australian label “sweatitout” Redial has grown to an international Electro star, with 2 EP under his belt, with his infamous 45 Overdrive single, which featured on the GHOST EP, Redial has won over thousands of fans making Redial a reputable Producer in the Australian scene. 2010 has been nothing other than a step up, signing to Trashbags newborn label “TUFFEM UP! Records” who has also signed Barretso from Chile, Kolt13 from France, and local colleague duo Nadisko.

Gearing up to release his 3rd EP followed by his Album in 2011. Redial’s signature melody synth line, and heavy bassline is what makes this wonder kid a gem throughout the global Market, Remixing the likes of Miike Snow, datA, The Proxy, Empire of the sun and Barretso. 2010 will be a year where Redial's highlight reel begins.


45 Overdrive
1985 Feat Smacktown
Let Me go
Overdrive in E


Miike Snow – Animal
DatA – One in a Million
The Proxy – Who are you
La roux – Bulletproof
Cut Copy – Hearts of Fire
Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream
Phoenix – Lisztomania

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Redial Songs to download: - REDIAL .mp3 Killers - Somebody Told Me (Redial Goes Oldschool Remix).mp3 - Forever (160kbs).mp3 - Overdrive In E.mp3 Overdrive - Redial.mp3 Snow - Silvia _Redial Remix_.mp3

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