Mandarin Connections Member Card Announcement

Posted by Mandarin-Connections on 13. Apr 2010

Card & Points
With a single payment of more than 5,000RMB, you’ll become an MC-member. A unique membership number will be given to you (the number can be found on your membership card). As an MC-member you’ll get 1 point added to your account for every 1RMB you pay (inclusive the amount you paid to get the MC-membership).


Points & Discounts
Each time the amount of your points on your account reaches one of the discount levels given below, the corresponding percentage of discount will be granted to you:


05% discount for points between 10,000~20,000pts

10% discount for points between 20,000~30,000pts

15% discount for points between 30,000~40,000pts

20% discount for points between 40,000~50,000pts


-    Each discount takes place for next payment after the corresponding discount level is reached.

-    You do not have to step through all the levels. If the amount of your single payment reaches higher level, you’ll get directly the corresponding discount rate.

-    20% is the uppermost limit of discount rate. However, once you reached this level, you’ll be granted this rate as long as you continue taking lessons at Mandarin-Connections.



Get Plus-Members to collect and use your points more effectively

-    Bring your friends or anyone who wants to learn Chinese to Mandarin-Connections and he/she will automatically become the plus-member of your card.

-    The member and the plus-member share the same account and enjoy the same discount rate.

-    Up to 2 plus-members are allowed for each card, i.e. one card can be used by up to 3 students.



Extra Benefit

-    Half price for buying your own ticket of Beijing Playhouse with showing your MC-VIP CARD.  Check performance news at



 Legal Disclaimer


l   Unless specifically stated otherwise, MC-members and their plus-members should not take part in any other discount promotions held by Mandarin-Connections.


l   Mandarin-Connections reserves the right of final interpretation of all of the above statements.



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