Michel Sutyadi

Michel Sutyadi

NLGX Originals re-designed – Bicycle and Hutong Hustle 2.0 just arrived!

Posted by Michel Sutyadi on 10. Apr 2010

Back by popular demand are re-designs of Beijing Bicycle and Hutong Hustle!

Beijing Bicycle now features a glow-in-the-dark print for safe riding at night and a jersey-style “33″ print on the back.

Hutong Hustle features a silver metallic print with a washed-out effect and ringer style sleeves and collar.

All new NLGX t-shirts for the Spring/Summer use an extra-soft, lightweight jersey cotton fabric and are cut in a more fashionable slim fit.

Come check out the latest collection at NLGX Design Store at #33 Nanluoguxiang!

For those not in the neighborhood, all new styles are also available for purchase onTaobao.

本店最畅销的Beijing Bicycle和Hutong Hustle新款设计已到店!

Beijing Bicycle的夜光图案设计使您在夜间骑车即cool又安全;T恤背后更增添了 球衣风格的”33″号 码设计。

Hutong Hustle林格T恤采用了银色金属设计搭配复古效 果。

所有新到春/夏NLGX T恤皆选用超薄超轻球衣棉材质并配有更时尚的合体裁剪。

欢迎 各位达人光顾NLGX设计商店南锣鼓巷33号参观选购。

不在锣鼓巷?所有的新款也将在NLGX 淘宝网店上热销。


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