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Posted by Chang Liu on 10. Jan 2010

BEIJING, Jan 10 - Maybe Mars Records has recently presented local rock trio the Gar's brand new music video "Two Mothers" online. This low budget indie animated short film suddenly became a super hit on the Internet. The song "Two Mothers" was taken from the band's self-titled debut album, which was released last March, with the music video being directed by the young and talented director Wang Heran.

Wang created a shocking image in black and white drawing influence from Japanese horror comic books. The script itself has also provoked a lot of discussion online. Wang is still a student studying animated film at the Communication University of China. Besides his study, he is also highly interested in the rock scene here in Beijing.

"Two Mothers" has drawn quite a bit of attention to Wang as several musicians and labels have talked to him for potential cooperation opportunities. Potential sponsors are also soliciting him for his coming film works and seeking his participation in several international film festivals.

Wang shares with us below the process of video creation, his biggest creative influences and his plans for the future. (Scroll down for 中文.)

Chang Liu: Could you introduce yourself a little bit, like where do you come from and what do you do?

Wang Heran: I was born in Beijing and grew up here. Now I study at the Communication University of China majoring in animation. I love music.

CL: How did you get the chance to cooperate with Maybe Mars?

WH: I made a short animation film for the Joyside song "Sunday Morning," and then I got this chance.

CL: Why did you chose "Two Mothers" this time? Before you directed this music video, what other films have you made?

WH: I chose it because I like the Gar and the song "Two Mothers." I don't really have any serious works from before.

CL: What do you think about the Gar?

WH: Bright and high-pitched vocals. Catchy music.

CL: How did you choose the overall style of this video and also the script and the image of each character? Before you started, did you have any discussions about those details with the band?

WH: I talked with Zhan Pan, the singer, about what he's trying to express with this song and how he tries to express it. Because this time I made everything myself, I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. The script and the characters are kind of flexible. I tried to draw the girl a bit prettier; the others are uglier than her.

CL: Which director or work has influenced "Two Mothers?"

WH: The comics from Ito Junji and Taiyou Matsumot, the animated movie "Rubik's Tower" and other Asian films.

CL: Have you ever seen the movie "Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space?" Some people say that this video reminds them of that Japanese animated film.

WH: I haven't seen it yet: I'll check it out someday.

CL: How much time and money did you spend on the production of this video?

WH: Around three months and there were no real costs.

CL: Personally what do you think about this video? Are there any parts you are very satisfied or dissatisfied with?

WH: It's okay, but not shocking enough. Personally I like the dancing Goddess scene and the car's street people scene from the wide-angle lens. The scenes are a bit flat, I'm not very satisfied with it. There are too many disadvantages when you work alone.

CL: What's your coming plan? Have you ever thought about making films beside animated ones? And have you ever thought about making music videos for other musicians or participating in international film festivals?

WH: I still want to learn more things from school. I'm very interested in making music videos for rock musicians. I'm always willing to create beautiful images for beautiful music. And I'm willing to do everything that can make me a better film director.



Chang Liu: 先介绍一下你自己,比如说来自哪里,在哪里读书,学些什么,生活经历等等。

Wang Heran: 生长在北京,现在中国传媒大学学动画。热爱音乐。

CL: 是如何得到与兵马司唱片的这次合作机会的?

WH: 之前做过一个Joyside 《Sunday Morning》 的小动画,得到了这次机会。

CL: 这次为什么选择了《两个妈妈》这首作品,在接拍嘎调乐队的《两个妈妈》的MV之前还拍过其他的作品吗?

WH: 之前没什么作品。因为很喜欢嘎调乐队。再加上《两个妈妈》内首歌很有画面感所以选择做内个。

CL: 那你对嘎调乐队有什么样的评价?

WH: 声很高,很亮。歌很好听。

CL: 关于这部动画短片的整体风格、脚本创作以及人物造型设计等细节都是如何确定的,在制作之前和乐队有过怎样的沟通?

WH: 和乐队主唱詹盼聊过他们这首歌的意图和表现的方向。因为这次独人干活,所以自由度较大。本儿和人物确定的比较随意。我还尽量把女孩画得好看了一点。其他人物都得比她难看。

CL: 《两个妈妈》这部MV在风格上受到了哪些导演或作品的影响?

WH: 伊藤润二和松本大洋的漫画吧,魔方大厦,还有一些亚洲电影什么的。

CL: 是否看过《太空朋克猫(Tamala 2010:A Punk Cat in Space)》这部动画电影,许多人在看过你的《两个妈妈》之后觉得这个MV与那部电影有着相似之处。

WH: 没看过内个。我到时候看看。

CL: 制作这部MV,你付出了多少时间和金钱?

WH: 三个月?没有金钱成本。

CL: 对这部作品自我感觉如何,有哪些让你觉得,满意或者不满意的地方?

WH: 感觉还好吧,觉得冲击力还不够吧。我个人喜欢跳舞的女神和广角入画的路人车辆。场景方面太单调了,很不满意。独人干活的弊端太多了。

CL: 接下来有什么其他的打算?除了动画短片以外你是否还拍摄其他类型的作品?是否考虑继续为其他艺人创作MV或者去参加电影节之类的活动?

WH: 在学校先逐步完善自己,学东西。对制作摇滚乐mv的兴致很大。很乐意能为优秀的音乐做出好看的画儿。能提高自己的事儿都乐于尝试。


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