Reggae/Hiphop Night 9th of January

Posted by Zhai De on 30. Dec 2009

Beats Royale vs. Mei Wenti: DJ Markie Royale and guests will be locked in a battle of musical wits and all things bass heavy with the formidable Mei Wenti sound project. Beats Royale will be rocking the lounge upstairs with Hip Hop and turntable styles: past, present and future, and Meiwenti will be shaking the dance floor on the ground floor and making the bass bins thump and rumble to the riddims of Conscious Dancehall. The action begins at 10pm and the entrance fee is just 3 blue notes or 1 brown one and 1 blue one (30RMB for the colour blind amongst you) all those who dare to enter will be rewarded with a complimentary tsingtao brew. So, what are you waiting for? Scrub that other crap you were going to do off your calendar and make way for some primeval low end.


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